Low-Power Rail-To-Rail Output 16-Bit I2C Input DAC



The DAC8571 is a small low-power, 16-bit voltage output DAC with an I2C compatible two-wire serial interface. Its on-chip precision output amplifier allows rail-to-rail output swing and settles within 10 microseconds. The DAC8571 architecture is 16-bit monotonic, and factory trimming typically achieves ±4 mV absolute accuracy at all codes. The DAC8571 requires an external reference voltage to set its output voltage range.

The low power consumption and small size of this part make it ideally suited to portable battery operated equipment. The power consumption is typically 800 µW at VDD = 5 V reducing to 1 µWin power-down mode.

The DAC8571 incorporates a 2-wire I2C interface. Standard, fast, and high-speed modes of I2C operation are all supported up to 3.4 MHz serial clock speeds. Multichannel synchronous data update and power-down operations are supported through the I2C bus. DAC8571 is also capable of transmitting the contents of its serial shift register, a key feature for I2C system verification.

The DAC8571 is available in an 8-lead MSOP package and is specified over –40°C to 105°C.


  • Micropower Operation: 160 µA @ 5 V
  • Power-On Reset to Zero
  • Single Supply: +2.7 V to +5.5 V
  • 16-Bit Monotonic
  • Settling Time: 10 µs to ±0.003% FSR
  • I2C™ Interface With High-Speed Mode
  • Supports Data Receive and Transmit
  • On-Chip Rail-to-Rail Output Buffer
  • Double-Buffered Input Register
  • Supports Synchronous Multichannel Update
  • Offset Error: ±1 mV max at 25&Deg;C
  • Full-Scale Error: ±3 mV max at 25°C
  • Small 8 Lead MSOP Package
    • Process Control
    • Data Acquisition Systems
    • Closed-Loop Servo Control
    • PC Peripherals
    • Portable Instrumentation

I²C is a trademark of Philips Corporation.

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Resolution (Bits)
DAC Channels
DAC Architecture
Output Type
Output Range Min. (mA/V)
Output Range Max. (mA/V)
Settling Time (µs)
Reference: Type
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DAC8571 DAC8574
16    16   
1    4   
String    String   
I2C    I2C   
Buffered Voltage    Buffered Voltage   
0    0   
5.5    6   
10    10   
Ext    Ext   
Catalog    Catalog   
8VSSOP    16TSSOP   
-40 to 105    -40 to 105   
N/A    N/A   

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