DLP® 0.45 WXGA DMD - DLP4500




The DLP4500 digital micromirror device (DMD) acts as a spatial light modulator (SLM) to steer visible light and create patterns with speed, precision, and efficiency. Featuring high resolution and high brightness in a compact form factor, the DLP4500 DMD is well-suited for very accurate, portable 3D machine vision and display solutions used in industrial, medical, and security applications.


  • 0.45-Inch Diagonal Micromirror Array
    • 912 × 1140 Resolution Array
      (>1 Million Micromirrors)
    • Diamond Array Orientation Supports Side
      Illumination for Simplified, Efficient
      Optics Designs
    • Capable of WXGA Resolution Display
    • 7.6-µm Micromirror Pitch
    • ±12° Tilt Angle
    • 5-µs Micromirror Crossover Time
  • Highly-Efficient Steering of Visible Light
    • Window Transmission Efficiency 96%
      Nominal (420 to 700 nm, Single Pass Through
      Two Window Surfaces)
    • Polarization Independent Aluminum Micromirrors
    • Array Fill Factor 92% Nominal
  • Dedicated DLPC350 Controller for Reliable
    • Binary Pattern Rates up to 4 kHz
    • Pattern Sequence Mode for Control Over Each
      Micromirror in Array
  • Integrated Micromirror Driver Circuitry
  • 9.10-mm × 20.7-mm Package Footprint
    for Portable Instruments
    • FQE Package With Simple Connector
    • FQD Package With Enhanced Thermal

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Parametrics Compare all products in Micromirror Array (>=1 Million)

Chipset Family
Component Type
Illumination Wavelength Range (nm)
Max Display Resolution
Max Pattern Rate, 8-bit (Hz)
Max Pattern Rate, Binary (Hz)
Micromirror Array Orientation
Micromirror Array Size
Micromirror Driver Support
Micromirror Pitch (um)
Package Group
Power Consumption, Typical (mW)
DLP4500 DLP4500NIR
DLP4500     DLP4500NIR    
DMD     DMD    
420-700     700-2500    
WXGA     WXGA    
120     120    
4,225     4,225    
Diamond     Diamond    
912x1140     912x1140    
Integrated     Integrated    
7.6     7.6    
LCCC     LCCC    
407     407