Digital Controller for Discovery 4100 chipset - DLPC410


Digital Controller for Discovery 4100 chipset


The DLP Discovery 4100 Chipsets offer the highest speed pattern rates in the DLP Catalog portfolio with the option for random row addressing. The DLPC410 is a digital controller that supports both the 0.7 XGA chipset and 0.95 1080p chipset. DLPC410 provides:

  • reliable operation of two digital micromirror device (DMD) options:
    • DLP7000
    • DLP9500
  • reliable operation of the DMD Micromirror Driver(s): DLPA200
  • a convenient, multi-functional interface between user electronics and the DMD

The DLPC410 provides a high-speed data and control interface for the DLP7000 DMD and DLP9500 DMD enabling binary pattern rates of up to 32 kHz and 23 kHz, respectively. These fast pattern rates set DLP technology apart from other spatial light modulators and offer customers a strategic advantage for equipment needing fast, accurate and programmable light steering capability. Moreover, the DLPC410 provides the DMD mirror clocking pulse and timing information to the TI DLPA200 DMD Micromirror Driver. The unique capability and value offered by DLPC410 makes it well suited to support a wide variety of industrial, medical, and advanced display applications.

In DLP based electronics solutions, image data is 100% digital from the DLPC410 input port to the image projected. The image stays in digital form and is never converted into an analog signal. The DLPC410 processes the digital input image and converts the data into a format needed by the image on the DMD. The DMD then steers the light using binary pulse-width modulation (PWM) for each pixel mirror.

The DLPC410 is one of multiple components in the DLP Discovery 4100 Chipset. A dedicated chipset provides developers easier access to the DMD as well as high speed, independent micromirror control.


  • Operates the Following DLP Discovery 4100 Chipset Components
    • DMD: DLP7000 and DLP9500
    • DMD Micromirror Driver: DLPA200
  • Enables Highest Speed DMD Pattern Rates
    • 1-Bit Binary Pattern Rates up to 32-kHz (up to 48-kHz when
      used with DLPR4101)
    • 8-Bit Monochrome Pattern Rates up to 1.9-kHz
  • Allows Input Clock Rates Between 200 MHz and 400 MHz
  • Provides up to a 64-Bit LVDS Data Bus Interface
  • Supports Random DMD Row Addressing
  • Compatible with a Variety of User Defined Processors or FPGAs
  • 676-Pin, 27 × 27 mm PBGA Package

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