3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver with Dual Current Sense Amps and Buck Converter (PWM Ctrl w/ SPI) - DRV8301


3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver with Dual Current Sense Amps and Buck Converter (PWM Ctrl w/ SPI)


The DRV8301 is a gate driver IC for three phase motor drive applications. It provides three half bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-type MOSFETs, one for the high-side and one for the low side. It supports up to 2.3A sink and 1.7A source peak current capability and only needs a single power supply with a wide range from 6V to 60V. The DRV8301 uses bootstrap gate drivers with trickle charge circuitry to support 100% duty cycle. The gate driver uses automatic hand shaking when high side FET or low side FET is switching to prevent current shoot through. Vds of FETs is sensed to protect external power stage during overcurrent conditions.

The DRV8301 includes two current shunt amplifiers for accurate current measurement. The current amplifiers support bi-directional current sensing and provide an adjustable output offset of up to 3V.

The DRV8301 also has an integrated switching mode buck converter with adjustable output and switching frequency to support MCU or additional system power needs. The buck is capable to drive up to 1.5A load.

The SPI interface provides detailed fault reporting and flexible parameter settings such as gain options for current shunt amplifier, slew rate control of gate driver, etc.


  • Operating Supply Voltage 6V–60V
  • 2.3A Sink and 1.7A Source Gate Drive Current Capability
  • Integrated Dual Shunt Current Amplifiers With Adjustable Gain and Offset
  • Integrated Buck Converter to Support up to 1.5A External Load
  • Independent Control of 3 or 6 PWM Inputs
  • Bootstrap Gate Driver With 100% Duty Cycle Support
  • Programmable Dead Time to Protect External FETs from Shoot Through
  • Slew Rate Control for EMI Reduction
  • Programmable Overcurrent Protection of External MOSFETs
  • Support Both 3.3V and 5V Digital Interface
  • SPI Interface
  • Thermally Enhanced 56-Pin TSSOP Pad Down DCA Package

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Parametrics Compare all products in 3-Phase Brushless Pre-Driver

Vs (Min) (V)
Vs (Max) (V)
Gate Drive (A)
# of half-bridges
Current Sense Amps
Control I/F
Additional Features
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Approx. Price (US$)
DRV8301 DRV8301-Q1 DRV8302 DRV8303
6     6     6     6    
60     60     60     60    
1.7     1.7     1.7     1.7    
3     3     3     3    
2     2     2     2    
PWM     PWM     PWM     PWM    
SPI I/F     Automotive Qualified
SPI I/F    
Hardware Management I/F     SPI I/F    
Catalog     Automotive     Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125    
56HTSSOP     56HTSSOP     56HTSSOP     48HTSSOP    
2.50 | 1ku     3.00 | 1ku     2.50 | 1ku     1.95 | 1ku    

Other qualified versions of DRV8301

Version Part Number Definition
Automotive DRV8301-Q1 Q100 devices qualified for high-reliability automotive applications targeting zero defects

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