25-Gbps Multi-Rate 2-Channel Retimer - DS250DF210


25-Gbps Multi-Rate 2-Channel Retimer


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The DS250DF210 device is a two-channel, multi-rate retimer with integrated signal conditioning. It is used to extend the reach and robustness of long, lossy, crosstalk-impaired, high-speed serial links while achieving a bit error rate (BER) of 10–15 or less.

Each channel of the DS250DF210 independently locks to serial data rates in a continuous range from 20.6 Gbps to 25.8 Gbps or to any supported sub-rate (÷2 and ÷4), including key data rates such as 10.3125 Gbps and 12.5 Gbps, which allows the DS250DF210 to support individual lane Forward Error Correction (FEC) pass-through.

The DS250DF210 has a single power supply and minimal need for external components. These features reduce PCB-routing complexity and BOM cost.

The advanced equalization features of the DS250DF210 include a low-jitter 3-tap transmit finite impulse response (FIR) filter, an adaptive continuous-time linear equalizer (CTLE), and an adaptive decision feedback equalizer (DFE). This enables reach extension for lossy interconnect and backplanes with multiple connectors and crosstalk. The integrated CDR function is ideal for front-port optical module applications to reset the jitter budget and retime the high-speed serial data. The DS250DF210 implements a 2x2 cross-point, providing the host with lane crossing, fanout, and multiplexing options

The DS250DF210 can be configured either through the SMBus or through an external EEPROM. Up to 16 devices can share a single EEPROM using Common Channel format. A non-disruptive, on-chip eye monitor and a PRBS generator or checker allow for in-system diagnostics.


  • Dual-Channel Multi-Rate Retimer With Integrated Signal Conditioning
  • All Channels Lock Independently From 20.6 to 25.8 Gbps (Including Sub-Rates Such as 10.3125 Gbps, 12.5 Gbps, and More)
  • Ultra-Low Latency: <500 ps Typical for 25.78125-Gbps Data Rate
  • Single Power Supply, No Low-Jitter Reference Clock Required, and Minimal Supply Decoupling to Reduce Board Routing Complexity and BOM Cost
  • Adaptive Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE)
  • Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer (DFE)
  • Integrated 2 × 2 Cross Point
  • Low-Jitter Transmitter With 3-Tap FIR Filter
  • Combined Equalization Supporting 35+ dB Channel Loss at 12.9 GHz
  • Adjustable Transmit Amplitude: 205 mVppd to 1225 mVppd (Typical)
  • On-Chip Eye Opening Monitor (EOM), PRBS Pattern Checker and Generator
  • Small 6-mm × 6-mm BGA Package With Easy Flow-Through Routing

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Number of Channels (#)
Speed (Max) (Gbps)
SupplyVoltage (Volt)
Input Compatibility
Output Compatibility
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DS250DF210 DS250DF410 DS250DF810 DS280DF810
2    4    8    8   
25.8    25.8    25.8    28.4   
2.5    2.5    2.5    2.5   
101FC/CSP    101FC/CSP    135FCBGA    135FCBGA   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85    -10 to 85    -40 to 85