3.125 Gbps LVDS 2x2 Crosspoint Switch - DS25CP152


3.125 Gbps LVDS 2x2 Crosspoint Switch


Recommended alternative parts

  • DS25CP152Q-Q1  -  Automotive qualified, temperature range (-40C to 85C)


The DS25CP152 is a 3.125 Gbps 2x2 LVDS crosspoint switch optimized for high-speed signal routing and switching over lossy FR-4 printed circuit board backplanes and balanced cables. Fully differential signal paths ensure exceptional signal integrity and noise immunity. The non-blocking architecture allows connections of any input to any output or outputs.

Wide input common mode range allows the switch to accept signals with LVDS, CML and LVPECL levels; the output levels are LVDS. A very small package footprint requires a minimal space on the board while the flow-through pinout allows easy board layout. Each differential input and output is internally terminated with a 100Ω resistor to lower device return losses, reduce component count and further minimize board space.


  • DC - 3.125 Gbps Low Jitter, Low Skew, Low Power Operation
  • Pin Configurable, Fully Differential, Non-Blocking Architecture
  • On-Chip 100Ω Input and Output Terminations Minimize Return Losses, Reduce Component Count and Minimize Board Space
  • 8 kV ESD on LVDS I/O Pins Protects Adjoining Components
  • Small 4 mm x 4 mm WQFN-16 Space Saving Package

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No. of Rx
No. of Tx
Signaling Rate (Mbps)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Output Signal
DS25CP152 DS10CP152 DS25CP102 DS25CP104A
Crosspoint    Crosspoint    Crosspoint    Crosspoint   
2    2    2    4   
2    2    2    4   
3125    1500    3125    3125   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85    -40 to 85    -40 to 85   
8    7    8    8   
16WQFN    16SOIC    16WQFN    40WQFN   
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