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LM5101 (NRND)

High Voltage High Side and Low Side Gate Driver



The LM5100/LM5101 High Voltage Gate Drivers are designed to drive both the high side and the low side N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous buck or a half bridge configuration. The floating high-side driver is capable of operating with supply voltages up to 100V. The outputs are independently controlled with CMOS input thresholds (LM5100) or TTL input thresholds (LM5101). An integrated high voltage diode is provided to charge the high side gate drive bootstrap capacitor. A robust level shifter operates at high speed while consuming low power and providing clean level transitions from the control logic to the high side gate driver. Under-voltage lockout is provided on both the low side and the high side power rails. This device is available in the standard SOIC-8 pin and the LLP-10 pin packages.


  • Drives both a high side and low side N-Channel MOSFET
  • Independent high and low driver logic inputs (TTL for LM5101 or CMOS for LM5100)
  • Bootstrap supply voltage range up to 118V DC
  • Fast propagation times (25 ns typical)
  • Drives 1000 pF load with 15 ns rise and fall times
  • Excellent propagation delay matching (3 ns typical)
  • Supply rail under-voltage lockouts
  • Low power consumption
  • Pin compatible with HIP2100/HIP2101

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