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LM94022 (ACTIVE)

±1.5°C Temperature Sensor with Multiple Gain and Class-AB Analog Output



The LM94022/-Q1 device is a precision analog output CMOS integrated-circuit temperature sensor with selectable linear negative temperature coefficient (NTC). A class-AB output structure gives the LM94022/-Q1 strong output source and sink current capability for driving heavy transient loads such as that presented by the input of a sample-and-hold analog-to-digital converter. The low 5.4-µA supply current and 1.5-V operating voltage of the LM94022/-Q1 make it ideal for battery-powered systems as well as general temperature-sensing applications.

The Gain Select 1 (GS1) and Gain Select 0 (GS0) logic inputs select one of four gains for the temperature-to-voltage output transfer function: −5.5 mV/°C, −8.2 mV/°C, −10.9 mV/°C, and −13.6 mV/°C. Selecting –5.5 mV/°C (GS1 and GS0 both tied low), allows the LM94022/-Q1 to operate down to 1.5-V supply while measuring temperature over the full range of −50°C to +150°C. Maximum temperature sensitivity, –13.6 mV/°C, is selected when GS1 and GS0 are both tied high. The gain-select inputs can be tied directly to VDD or Ground without any pullup or pulldown resistors, reducing component count and board area. These inputs can also be driven by logic signals allowing the system to optimize the gain during operation or system diagnostics.


  • LM94022/-Q1 is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified and
    is Manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow
  • Low 1.5-V to 5.5-V Operation With Low 5.4-µA
    Supply Current
  • Push-Pull Output With ±50-µA Source Current Capability
  • Four Selectable Gains
  • Very Accurate Over Wide Temperature Range of
    −50°C to +150°C:
    • ±1.5ºC Temperature Accuracy for 20ºC to
      40ºC Range
    • ±1.8ºC Temperature Accuracy for –50ºC to
      70ºC Range
    • ±2.1ºC Temperature Accuracy for –50ºC to
      90ºC Range
    • ±2.7ºC Temperature Accuracy for –50ºC to
      150ºC Range
  • Output is Short-Circuit Protected
  • Extremely Small SC70 Package
  • For the Similar Functionality in a TO-92 Package,
    See LMT84, LMT85, LMT86, or LMT87
  • Footprint Compatible With the Industry-Standard
    LM20 Temperature Sensor

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Local sensor accuracy (Max) (+/- C)
Operating temperature range (C)
Supply Voltage (Min) (V)
Supply Voltage (Max) (V)
Supply Current (Max) (uA)
Sensor Gain (mV/Deg C)
Output impedance (ohms)
LM94022 LM20 LM94021 LM94023 LMT84
1.5     1.5     1.5     1.5     2.7    
-50 to 150     -40 to 125
-55 to 130    
-50 to 150     -50 to 150     -50 to 150    
1.5     2.4     1.5     1.5     1.5    
5.5     5.5     5.5     5.5     5.5    
8.1     7     12     8.1     8.1    
-5.5 to -13.6     -11.7     -5.5 to -13.6     -5.5 or -8.2     -5.5    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
Selectable gain setting
UL Recognized    
Industry standard pinout
UL Recognized    
UL Recognized     Selectable gain setting     Industry standard pinout    
5.2     160     8     4.4      
Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output