8-Channel, Low Noise I2C Programmable T/R Switch for Ultrasound - LM96530


8-Channel, Low Noise I2C Programmable T/R Switch for Ultrasound



The LM96530 is an eight-channel monolithic high-voltage, high-speed T/R (Transmit/Receive) switch for multi-channel medical ultrasound applications. It is well-suited for use with Texas Instrument’s LM965XX series chipset which offers a complete medical ultrasound solution targeted towards low-power, portable systems.

The LM96530 contains eight high-voltage T/R switches with integrated clamping diodes. This chip protects the inputs of the receive channel's LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) from the high-voltage pulses of the transmit channel. Advanced features include a diode bridge with internal current sources that are programmable via an external resistor. Low-power operation is enabled via per-channel-selectable switching.

Texas Instruments also offers a development package for sale which includes a driver hardware and software package with a graphical user interface for configuration and monitoring.


  • 8-Channel High-Voltage Receive Side Switches without Charge-Injection
  • Can be Used for Receive Protection and/or Receive Multiplexing with SPI™ Compatible Bus Control
  • Channel Bandwidth Supports 1MHz to 20MHz Transducers
  • Input Accepts Pulses and Continuous-Wave Signals within ±60V
  • Integrated Output Clamping Diodes Limit Output to ±0.7V
  • Low Harmonic Distortion HD2 at -75dBc at 5MHz
  • Continuous-Wave Operation
  • Soft-Switcher Based on a Diode Bridge Architecture Yielding Better Noise Performance and Faster Turn-On and -Off Times than Competing T-Gate Switch Architectures
  • 2.5V to 3.3V CMOS SPI™ Compatible Logic Interface with Daisy Chain Capability
  • Bias Current Source (IS) can be Scaled between 0 and 8mA via an External Resistor

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