8-Channel, Ultrasound Pulser with Active Clamp and Over Temperature Protection - LM96551


8-Channel, Ultrasound Pulser with Active Clamp and Over Temperature Protection



The LM96551 is an eight-channel monolithic high-voltage, high-speed pulse generator for multi-channel medical ultrasound applications. It is well-suited for use with Texas Instrument’s LM965XX series chipset which offers a complete medical ultrasound solution targeted towards low-power, portable systems.

The LM96551 contains eight high-voltage pulsers with integrated diodes generating ±50V bipolar pulses with peak currents of up to 2A and pulse rates of up to 15 MHz. Advanced features include low-jitter and low-phase-noise output pulses ideal for continuous-wave (CW) modes of operation. Active clamp circuitry is integrated for ensuring low harmonic distortion of the output signal waveform.

The LM96551 also featuers a low-power operation mode and over-temperature protection (OTP) which are enabled by on-chip temperature sensing and power-down logic.


  • 8-Channel High-Voltage CMOS Pulse Generator
  • Output Pulses with ±50V and 2A Peak Current
  • Active Damper with Built-In Blocking Diodes
  • Built-In Floating Supply Voltages for Output Stage
  • Up to 15 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Matched Delays for Rising and Falling Edges
  • Low Second Harmonic Distortion Allows and Improves Harmonic Imaging
  • Continuous-Wave (CW) Operation Down to ±3.3V
  • Low Phase Noise Enables Doppler Measurements
    • -145 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 10 MHz (1 kHz offset)
  • Output State Over-Temperature Protection
  • Blocking Diodes for Direct Interface to Transducer
  • 2.5V to 5.0V CMOS Logic Interface
  • Low-Power Consumption per Channel
  • Over Temperature Protection

Key Specifications

  • Output voltage ±50 V
  • Output peak current ±2.0 A
  • Output pulse rate Up to 15 MHz
  • Rise/fall delay matching (max) < 3.7 ns
  • Pulser HD2 (5 MHz) -40 dB
  • Operating Temp. 0 to +70 °C

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