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RC4580-Q1 (ACTIVE)

Automotive Catalog Dual Audio Operational Amplifier

Automotive Catalog Dual Audio Operational Amplifier - RC4580-Q1


The RC4580-Q1 device is a dual operational amplifier that is designed optimally for audio applications, such as improving tone control. It offers low noise, high gain bandwidth, low harmonic distortion, and high output current. All of these features make the device ideally suited for audio electronics, such as audio preamplifiers and active filters, as well as industrial measurement equipment. When high output current is required, the RC4580-Q1 device can be used as a headphone amplifier. Due to its wide operating supply voltage, the RC4580-Q1 device can also be used in low-voltage applications.


  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to 125°C
      Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level H2
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C3B
  • Operating Voltage . . . ±2 V to ±18 V
  • Low Noise Voltage . . . 0.8 µVrms (TYP)
  • Wide GBW . . . 12 MHz (TYP)
  • Low THD . . . 0.0005% (TYP)
  • Slew Rate . . . 5 V/µs (TYP)
  • Suitable for Automotive Applications Such As Audio Preamplifier, Active Filter, Headphone Amplifier,
    Industrial Measurement Equipment
  • Drop-In Replacement for NJM4580
  • Pin and Function Compatible With LM833, NE5532, NJM4558/9,
    and NJM4560/2/5

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Parametrics Compare all products in Audio Op Amps

Number of Channels (#)
Total Supply Voltage (Min) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10)
Total Supply Voltage (Max) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10)
GBW (Typ) (MHz)
Slew Rate (Typ) (V/us)
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)
Iq per channel (Typ) (mA)
Vn at 1kHz (Typ) (nV/rtHz)
THD + N @ 1 kHz (Typ) (%)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Package Group
Output Current (Typ) (mA)
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
CMRR (Typ) (dB)
Input Bias Current (Max) (pA)
RC4580-Q1 RC4580
2     2    
4     4    
32     32    
12     12    
5     5    
No     No    
3     3    
1.5     3    
5     5    
N/A     N/A    
0.0005     0.0005    
Automotive     Catalog    
-40 to 125     -40 to 85    
100     100    
8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)
8TSSOP: 19 mm2: 6.4 x 3(TSSOP)    
See datasheet (PDIP)
8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)
8TSSOP: 19 mm2: 6.4 x 3(TSSOP)    
Bipolar     Bipolar    
110     110    
500000     500000    

Other qualified versions of RC4580-Q1

Version Part Number Definition
Catalog RC4580 TI's standard catalog product

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