Series 2000 Antennas



These antenna products connect to radio frequency modules (RFM) and reader/writers to form the interface to the low-frequency (LF) 134.2-kHz Texas Instruments transponders. In combination with a reader/writer, they transmit energy and signals to the transponder and receive the response from the tag. There are two standard gate antennas and two standard stick antennas with 1-meter or 3-meter cable length. Each antenna generates a specific size and shape of read zone to meet the requirements of the target application. In general, the gate antennas generate a large read zone with greater read distance, while the stick antennas provide a more focused read zone and an ability to discriminate between transponders.

The antennas are well suited for use in a broad range of applications including access control, vehicle identification, container tracking, asset management, and waste management applications.


  • Best in Class Performance Through Patented HDX Technology
  • Protection Class IP 65 and Higher
  • Four Form Factors Available
  • Proven in Harsh Industrial Environments
  • Easy to Install and Use

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