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SM72238 (NRND)

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Micropower Voltage Regulators - SM72238


The SM72238 is a micropower voltage regulator with very low quiescent current (75µA typ.) and very low dropout voltage (typ. 40mV at light loads and 380mV at 100mA). It is ideally suited for use in battery-powered systems. Furthermore, the quiescent current of the SM72238 increases only slightly in dropout, prolonging battery life.

The SM72238 is available in the surface-mount D-Pak package.

Careful design of the SM72238 has minimized all contributions to the error budget. This includes a tight initial tolerance (.5% typ.), extremely good load and line regulation (.05% typ.) and a very low output voltage temperature coefficient, making the part useful as a low-power voltage reference.


  • Renewable Energy Grade
  • High-Accuracy Output Voltage
  • Ensured 100mA Output Current
  • Extremely Low Quiescent Current
  • Low Dropout Voltage
  • Extremely Tight Load and Line Regulation
  • Very Low Temperature Coefficient
  • Use as Regulator or Reference
  • Needs Minimum Capacitance for Stability
  • Current and Thermal Limiting
  • Stable With Low-ESR Output Capacitors (10mΩ to 6Ω)

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