SM72240 (NRND)

5-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuit

5-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuit - SM72240


The SM72240 microprocessor supervisory circuit monitors the power supplies in microprocessor and digital systems. It provides a reset to the microprocessor during power-up, power-down, brown-out conditions, and manual reset.

The SM72240 asserts a reset signal whenever the supply decreases below the factory-programmed reset threshold. Reset will be asserted for at least 100ms even after VCC rises above the reset threshold.

The SM72240 has an active-low open-drain RESET output.

The SM72240 is suitable for monitoring 5V. With a low supply current of only 6µA, the SM72240 is ideal for use in portable equipment. The SM72240 is available in the 5-pin SOT-23 package.


  • Renewable Energy Grade
  • Precise monitoring of 5V supply voltages
  • Fully specified over temperature
    •   −40°C to +125°C
  • 100 ms minimum Power-On Reset pulse width, 190 ms typical:
    •  Active-Low RESET Open Drain Output
  • RESET Output valid for VCC ≥ 1V
  • Low Supply Current, 6µA typical
  • Power supply transient immunity
  • Compatible with MAX811/812 applications

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