Dual Micro-Power Rail-to-Rail Input CMOS Comparator with Open Drain Output



The SM72375 is an ultra low power dual comparator with a maximum 10 μA/comparator power supply current. It is designed to operate over a wide range of supply voltages, with a minimum supply voltage of 2.7V.

The common mode voltage range of the SM72375 exceeds both the positive and negative supply rails, a significant advantage in single supply applications. The open drain output of the SM72375 allows for wired-OR configurations. The open drain output also offers the advantage of allowing the output to be pulled to any voltage rail up to 15V, regardless of the supply voltage of the SM72375.

The SM72375 is targeted for systems where low power consumption is the critical parameter. ensured operation at supply voltages of 2.7V and rail-to-rail performance makes this comparator ideal for battery-powered applications.


  • Renewable Energy Grade
  • (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted)

  • Low Power Consumption (Max):  IS = 10 μA/comp
  • Wide Range of Supply Voltages: 2.7V to 15V
  • Rail-to-Rail Input Common Mode Voltage Range
  • Open Drain Output
  • Short Circuit Protection: 40 mA
  • Propagation Delay (@VS = 5V, 100 mV Overdrive): 5 μs
  • −40°C to 125°C Temperature Range

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