SM73303 (ACTIVE)

5 MHz, Low Noise, RRO, Dual Operational Amplifier with CMOS Input


The SM73303 is a dual operational amplifier with both low supply voltage and low supply current, making it ideal for portable applications. The SM73303 CMOS input stage drives the IBIAS current down to 0.6 pA; this coupled with the low noise voltage of 12.8 nV/√Hz makes the SM73303 perfect for applications requiring active filters, transimpedance amplifiers, and HDD vibration cancellation circuitry.

Along with great noise sensitivity, small signal applications will benefit from the large gain bandwidth of 5 MHz coupled with the minimal supply current of 1.6 mA and a slew rate of 5.8 V/μs.

The SM73303 provides rail-to-rail output swing into heavy loads. The input common-mode voltage range includes ground, which is ideal for ground sensing applications.

The SM73303 has a supply voltage spanning 2.7V to 5V and is offered in an 8-pin VSSOP package that functions across the wide temperature range of −40°C to 85°C. This small package makes it possible to place the SM73303 next to sensors, thus reducing external noise pickup.


  • (Typical Values, V+ = 3.3V, TA = 25°C, Unless Otherwise Specified)
  • Input Noise Voltage 12.8 nV/√Hz
  • Input Bias Current 0.6 pA
  • Offset Voltage 1.6 mV
  • CMRR 80 dB
  • Open Loop Gain 122 dB
  • Rail-to-Rail Output
  • GBW 5 MHz
  • Slew Rate 5.8 V/µs
  • Supply Current 1.6 mA
  • Supply Voltage Range 2.7V to 5V
  • Operating Temperature −40°C to 85°C
  • 8-pin VSSOP Package

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