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16MB Radiation-Hardened SRAM

16MB Radiation-Hardened SRAM - SMV512K32-SP

Radiation Studies

View TID and SEE Radiation Report (typical performance): 300kRad(Si) [TID] / 85MeV [SEE]


The SMV512K32 is a high performance asynchronous CMOS SRAM organized as 524,288 words by 32 bits. It is pin selectable between two modes: master or slave. The master device selection provides user defined autonomous EDAC scrubbing options. The slave device selection employs a scrub on demand feature that can be initiated by a master device. Three read cycles and four write cycles (described below) are available depending on the user needs.


  • 20-ns Read, 13.8-ns Write Through Maximum Access Time
  • Functionally Compatible With Commercial
    512K x 32 SRAM Devices
  • Built-In EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) to Mitigate Soft Errors
  • Built-In Scrub Engine for Autonomous Correction
  • CMOS Compatible Input and Output Level, Three State Bidirectional
    Data Bus
    • 3.3 ±0.3-V I/O, 1.8 ±0.15-V CORE
  • Radiation Performance(1)
  • Uses Both Substrate Engineering and Radiation Hardened by Design (HBD)(2)
  • TID Immunity > 3e5 rad (Si)
  • SER < 5e-17 Upsets/Bit-Day (Core Using EDAC and Scrub)(3)
  • Latch up immunity > LET = 110 MeV (T = 398K)
  • Available in a 76-Lead Ceramic Quad Flatpack
  • Engineering Evaluation (/EM) Samples are Available(4)
  • (1) Radiation tolerance is a typical value based upon initial device qualification. Radiation Data and Lot Acceptance Testing is available – contact factory for details.
    (2) HardSIL™ technology and memory design under a license agreement with Silicon Space Technology (SST).
    (3) SER calculated using CREME96 for geosynchronous orbit,
    solar minimum.
    (4) These units are intended for engineering evaluation only. They are processed to a non-compliant flow (e.g. no burn-in, etc.) and are tested to temperature rating of 25°C only. These units are not suitable for qualification, production, radiation testing or flight use. Parts are not warranted for performance on full MIL specified temperature range of –55°C to 125°C or operating life.

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    Organization (Words by Bits)
    Input Level
    Output Level
    Core Supply Voltage (Typ) (V)
    I/O Supply Voltage 1 (Typ) (V)
    16 Mbit    
    512K x 32    
    CMOS Compatible    
    CMOS Compatible