Dual Channel USB 3.0 Redriver

Dual Channel USB 3.0 Redriver - SN65LVPE512

Not Recommended for New Designs (NRND)

Replaced By TUSB522P– The device has the SAME FUNCTIONALITY and PINOUT as the compared device but is NOT an exact equivalent.

TI does not recommend using this part in a new design. This product continues to be in production to support existing customers.


The SN65LVPE512 device is a dual-channel, single-lane USB 3.0 redriver and signal conditioner supporting data rates of 5 Gbps. The device complies with USB 3.0 spec revision 1.0, supporting electrical idle condition and low frequency periodic signals (LFPS) for USB 3.0 power management modes.


  • Single Lane USB 3.0 Equalizer, Redriver
  • Selectable Equalization, De-Emphasis and Output
    Swing Control
  • Integrated Termination
  • Hot-Plug Capable
  • Low Active Power (U0 state)
    • 315 mW (Typical), VCC = 3.3 V
  • USB 3.0 Low Power Support
    • 7 mW (Typical) When No Connection Detected
    • 70 mW (Typical) When Link in U2, U3 Mode
  • Excellent Jitter and Loss Compensation
    • > 40 Inches of Total 4-Mil Stripline on FR4
  • Small Foot Print: 3 mm × 3 mm and 4 mm × 4 mm
    24-pin QFN Packages
  • High Protection Against ESD Transient
    • HBM: 5,000 V
    • CDM: 1,500 V
    • MM: 200 V

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