Hex Buffers/Drivers With Open-Collector High-Voltage Outputs

Hex Buffers/Drivers With Open-Collector High-Voltage Outputs - SN7407


These TTL hex buffers and drivers feature high-voltage open-collector outputs for interfacing with high-level circuits (such as MOS) or for driving high-current loads (such as lamps or relays), and also are characterized for use as buffers for driving TTL inputs. The SN5407 and SN7407 devices have minimum breakdown voltages of 30 V, and the SN5417 and SN7417 devices have minimum breakdown voltages of 15 V. The maximum sink current is 30 mA for the SN5407 and SN5417 devices and 40 mA for the SN7407 and SN7417 devices.

These devices perform the Boolean function Y = A in positive logic.

These circuits are completely compatible with most TTL families. Inputs are diode clamped to minimize transmission-line effects, which simplifies design. Typical power dissipation is 145 mW, and average propagation delay time is 14 ns.


  • Convert TTL Voltage Levels to MOS Levels
  • High Sink-Current Capability Design
  • Open-Collector Driver for Indicator Lamps
  • Inputs Fully Compatible With Most TTL Circuits
  • On Products Compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, All Parameters Are Tested Unless Otherwise Noted. On All Other Products, Production Processing Does Not Necessarily Include Testing of All Parameters.

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Parametrics Compare all products in Non-Inverting Buffer/Driver

Technology Family
VCC (Min) (V)
VCC (Max) (V)
Bits (#)
Voltage (Nom) (V)
F @ Nom Voltage (Max) (Mhz)
ICC @ Nom Voltage (Max) (mA)
tpd @ Nom Voltage (Max) (ns)
Output Drive (IOL/IOH) (Max) (mA)
Schmitt Trigger
Operating Temperature Range (C)
SN7407 SN5407
TTL    TTL   
4.75    4.5   
5.25    5.5   
6    6   
5    5   
75    75   
0.041    0.041   
30    30   
- /40    - /40   
No    No   
Catalog    Military   
0 to 70    -55 to 125   

Other qualified versions of SN7407

Version Part Number Definition
Military SN5407 QML certified for Military and Defense Applications