8-Bit Shift Registers With 3-State Output Registers - SN74HC595


8-Bit Shift Registers With 3-State Output Registers


The ’HC595 devices contain an 8-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register that feeds an 8-bit D-type storage register. The storage register has parallel 3-state outputs. Separate clocks are provided for both the shift and storage register. The shift register has a direct overriding clear (SRCLR) input, serial (SER) input, and serial outputs for cascading. When the output-enable (OE) input is high, the outputs are in the high-impedance state.

Both the shift register clock (SRCLK) and storage register clock (RCLK) are positive-edge triggered. If both clocks are connected together, the shift register always is one clock pulse ahead of the storage register.


  • 8-Bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out Shift
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V
  • High-Current 3-State Outputs Can Drive Up To 15 LSTTL Loads
  • Low Power Consumption: 80-µA (Max) ICC
  • tpd = 13 ns (Typ)
  • ±6-mA Output Drive at 5 V
  • Low Input Current: 1 µA (Max)
  • Shift Register Has Direct Clear

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Other qualified versions of SN74HC595

Version Part Number Definition
Military SN54HC595 QML certified for Military and Defense Applications
Enhanced Product SN74HC595-EP Supports Defense, Aerospace and Medical Applications

Parametrics Compare all products in Shift Register

Technology Family
VCC (Min) (V)
VCC (Max) (V)
Voltage (Nom) (V)
F @ Nom Voltage (Max) (Mhz)
ICC @ Nom Voltage (Max) (mA)
tpd @ Nom Voltage (Max) (ns)
Output Drive (IOL/IOH) (Max) (mA)
Input Type
Output Type
3-State Output
Operating Temperature Range (C)
SN74HC595 SN54HC595
HC     HC    
2     2    
6     6    
6     6    
28     28    
0.08     0.08    
34     34    
7.8/-7.8     7.8/-7.8    
CMOS     CMOS    
CMOS     CMOS    
Yes     Yes    
Military     Military    
-40 to 85     -55 to 125    
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