12-Bit, 15 MSPS ADC w/ Low Power and excellent ENOB - THS1215


12-Bit, 15 MSPS ADC w/ Low Power and excellent ENOB



The THS1215 is a CMOS, low power, 12-bit, 15 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates with a 3.3-V supply. The THS1215 gives circuit developers complete flexibility. The analog input to the THS1215 is differential with a gain of 1.0 in Mode 1 and 0.5 in Mode 2. The THS1215 provides a wide selection of voltage references to match the user’s design requirements. For more design flexibility, the internal reference can be bypassed to use an external reference to suit the dc accuracy and temperature drift requirements of the application. The out-of-range output is used to monitor any out-of-range condition in the THS1215’s input range.

The speed, resolution, and single-supply operation of the THS1215 are suited for applications in video, multimedia, high-speed acquisition, and communications. The speed and resolution ideally suit charge-couple device (CCD) input systems such as digital copiers, digital cameras, and camcorders. The wide input voltage range between VREFB and VREFT allows the THS1215 to be designed into multiple systems.

The THS1215C is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. The THS1215I is characterized for operation from –40°C to 85°C.


  • Input Configurable:
    • Differential 0.5x Gain
    • Differential 1x Gain
  • 3.3-V Supply Operation
  • Internal Voltage Reference
  • Out-of-Range Indicator
  • Power-Down Mode
    • Camcorders
    • Digital Cameras
    • Copiers
    • Communications
    • Test Instruments
    • Baseband Digitization

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