Video Preamplifier System

Video Preamplifier System - TLS1233


The TLS1233 is a 100-MHz wide-band video preamplifier system intended for mid-to-high-resolution RGB (red-green-blue) color monitors. Each video amplifier (R, G, and B) contains a gain set for adjusting maximum system gain (AV = 7.8 V/V). The TLS1233 provides digital level-operated contrast, brightness, and gain adjustment control. All the control inputs offer high input impedance and an operation range from 0 V to 4 V for easy interface to the serial digital buses. Provided in a 20-pin plastic dual-in-line package (DIP), the TLS1233 integrates most of the external components required to accommodate the video system.

The TLS1233 operates from a 12-V supply and contains an internal input bias voltage. Also, the TLS1233 contains the feedback resistor required between output and CLAMP(-) for dc level holding. The device is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.


  • Wide Bandwidth . . . Typ 100 MHz at -3 dB
  • Three Channels
  • 0 V to 4 V, Digital Level-Contrast Control
  • 0 V to 4 V, Digital Level-Gain Adjust Control
  • 20-Pin Plastic DIP for Small PCB Area Required
  • Fewer Peripheral Components Required Than for LM1203 Applications
  • Independent CLAMP(+) Adjustment to Each Channel

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