(ACTIVE) IoT enabled High performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F based MCU


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Tiva™ C Series microcontrollers integrate a large variety of rich communication features to enable a new class of highly connected designs with the ability to allow critical, real-time control between performance and power. The microcontrollers feature integrated communication peripherals along with other high-performance analog and digital functions to offer a strong foundation for many different target uses, spanning from human machine interface to networked system management controllers.

In addition, Tiva™ C Series microcontrollers offer the advantages of ARM's widely available development tools, System-on-Chip (SoC) infrastructure, and a large user community. Additionally, these microcontrollers use ARM's Thumb®-compatible Thumb-2 instruction set to reduce memory requirements and, thereby, cost. Finally, the TM4C1294KCPDT microcontroller is code-compatible to all members of the extensive Tiva™ C Series, providing flexibility to fit precise needs.

Texas Instruments offers a complete solution to get to market quickly, with evaluation and development boards, white papers and application notes, an easy-to-use peripheral driver library, and a strong support, sales, and distributor network.


  • Performance
    • ARM® Cortex™-M4F processor core
    • 120-MHz operation; 150 DMIPS performance
    • 512 KB Flash memory
    • 256 KB single-cycle System SRAM
    • 6KB of EEPROM
    • Internal ROM loaded with TivaWare™ for C Series software
    • 8-/16-/32- bit dedicated External Peripheral Interface (EPI) for peripherals and memory
  • Security
    • Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC) hardware with 16-/32-bit Hash function that supports four CRC forms
    • Support for four tamper inputs and configurable tamper event response
  • Communication Interfaces
    • Eight Universal Asynchronous Receivers/Transmitters (UARTs)
    • Four Quad Synchronous Serial Interface (QSSI) modules with Bi-, Quad- and advanced SSI support
    • Ten Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) modules with four transmission speeds including high-speed mode
    • Two Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0 A/B controllers
    • 10/100 Ethernet MAC
    • Ethernet PHY with IEEE 1588 PTP hardware support
    • Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 OTG/Host/Device with ULPI interface option and Link Power Management (LPM) support
  • System Integration
    • ARM® PrimeCell® 32-channel configurable Micro Direct Memory Access (µDMA) controller
    • Eight 16/32-bit General-Purpose Timer (GPTM) blocks
    • Two watchdog timers
    • Low-power battery-backed Hibernation module
    • 15 physical General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) blocks
  • Advanced Motion Control
    • One Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) module, with four PWM generator blocks and a control block, for a total of 8 PWM outputs
    • One Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) module
  • Analog Support
    • Two 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) modules, each with a maximum sample rate of one million samples/second
    • Three independent integrated analog comparators
    • 16 digital comparators
  • One JTAG module with integrated ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
  • 128-pin TQFP package
  • Operating Range (Ambient)
    • Industrial (-40°C to 85°C) temperature range
    • Extended (-40°C to 105°C) temperature range


CPU ARM Cortex-M4F   
Pin & Package 128TQFP   
Flash (KB) 512   
EEPROM (KB) 6   
Battery-Backed Hibernation Module 1   
IEEE 1588 Yes   
Crypto HW Accelerators Available No   
SRAM (kB) 256   
CRC Accelerator Available Yes   
Max Speed (MHz) 120   
Motion PWM Outputs 8   
QEI 1   
GPIO 90   
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 to 85^-40 to 105   
USB D, H/D, or OTG OTG   
SSI/SPI 4   
I2C 10   
UART 8   
ADC Channels 20   
ADC Resolution (Bits) 12   
CAN MAC 2   
SysTick Yes   
External Peripheral Interface Yes   
10/100 ENET MAC+PHY Yes   
USB High-Speed with ULPI Yes   
10/100 ENET MAC No   
LCD Controller No   
Security No HW accelerator   
1-Wire Master 0   
Bi- and Quad- SSI/SPI Yes   
SPI 4   

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