Digital Signal Processors - TMS320P25


Digital Signal Processors



The TMS320P25 digital signal processor is a member of the TMS320 family of VLSI digital signal processors and peripherals. The TMS320 family supports a wide range of digital signal processing applications, such as telecommunications, modems, image processing, speech processing, spectrum analysis, audio processing, digital filtering, high-speed control, graphics, and other computation intensive applications.

With a 100-ns instruction cycle time and an innovative memory configuration, the '320P25 performs operations necessary for many real-time digital signal processing algorithms. Since most instructions require only one cycle, the TMS320P25 is capable of executing ten million instructions per second. On-chip programmable data/program RAM of 544 words of 16 bits, on-chip program EPROM of 4K words (one-time programmable memory), direct addressing of up to 64K words of external program and 64K words of data memory space, and multiprocessor interface features for sharing global memory minimize unnecessary data transfers to take full advantage of the capabilities of the processor.


  • Instruction Cycle Time of 100 ns (40 MHz)
  • 4K Words of On-Chip Secure Program EPROM
  • 544 Words of On-Chip Data RAM
  • 128K Words of Data/Program Space
  • 16 Parallel I/O Ports
  • 32-Bit ALU/Accumulator
  • 16 × 16-Bit Multiplier With a 32-Bit Product
  • Block Moves for Data/Program Management
  • Repeat Instructions for Efficient Use of Program Space
  • Serial Port for Direct Codec Interface
  • Synchronization Input for Synchronous Multiprocessor Configurations
  • Wait States for Communication to Slow Off-Chip Memories/Peripherals
  • On-Chip Timer for Control Operations
  • Single 5-V Supply
  • Packaging:
    • 68-Lead Plastic J-Leaded Chip Carrier (FN Suffix)
    • 80-Lead Plastic Quad Flatpack
      (PH Suffix)
  • 68-to-28-Lead Conversion Adapter Socket for EPROM Programming

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