4-Channel Digital Audio Delay Processor With I2C Control

4-Channel Digital Audio Delay Processor With I2C Control - TPA5051


The TPA5051 accepts two serial audio inputs, buffers the data for a selectable period of time, and outputs the delayed audio data on two serial outputs. One device allows delay of up to 85 ms/ch (fs = 48 kHz) to synchronize the audio stream to the video stream in systems with complex video processing algorithms. If more delay is needed, the devices can be connected in series. Independent clocks can be used for each audio input.


  • Digital Audio Format: 16-24-bit I2S, Right-Justified, Left-Justified
  • I2C Bus Controlled
  • Dual Serial Input Ports
  • Delay Time: 85 ms/ch at fs = 48 kHz
  • Delay Resolution: One Sample
  • Delay Memory Cleared on Power-Up or After Delay Changes
    • Eliminates Erroneous Data on Output
  • 3.3 V Operation With 5 V Tolerant I/O and I2C Control
  • Supports Audio Bit Clock Rates of 32 to 64 fs with fs = 32 kHz-192 kHz
  • No External Crystal or Oscillator Required
    • All Internal Clocks Generated From the Audio Clock
  • Independent Clocks for Each Audio Input
  • Surface Mount 4mm × 4mm, 16-pin QFN Package
    • High Definition Lip-Sync Delay
    • Flat Panel TV Lip-Sync Delay
    • Home Theater Rear Channel Effects
    • Wireless Speaker Front-Channel Synchronization

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Operating Temperature Range (C)
Audio Delay per Channel (ms)
TPA5051 TPA5050 TPA5052
16QFN    16QFN    16QFN   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85    -40 to 85   
85    170    170   

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