QUAD IEEE 802.3at Power-Over-Ethernet PSE Controller - TPS23861


QUAD IEEE 802.3at Power-Over-Ethernet PSE Controller



The TPS23861 is an easy-to-use, flexible, IEEE802.3at PSE solution. As shipped, it automatically manages four 802.3at ports without the need for any external control.

The TPS23861 automatically detects Powered Devices (PDs) that have a valid signature, determines power requirements according to classification and applies power. Two-event classification is supported for type-2 PDs. The TPS23861 supports DC disconnection and the external FET architecture allows designers to balance size, efficiency and solution cost requirements.

The unique pin-out enables 2-layer PCB designs via logical grouping and clear upper and lower differentiation of I2C and power pins. This delivers best-in-class thermal performance, Kelvin accuracy and low-build cost.

In addition to automatic operation, the TPS23861 supports Semi-Auto Mode via I2C control for precision monitoring and intelligent power management. Compliance with the 400-ms TPON specification is ensured whether in semi-automatic or automatic mode.


  • IEEE 802.3at Quad Port PSE Controller
    • Auto Detect, Classification
    • Auto Turn-On and Disconnect
    • Efficient 255-mΩ Sense Resistor
  • Pin-Out Enables Two-Layer PCB
  • Kelvin Current Sensing
  • 4-Point Detection
  • Automatic Mode – As Shipped
    • No External Terminal Setting Required
    • No Initial I2C Communication Required
  • Semi-Automatic Mode – Set by I2C Command
  • Optional I2C Control and Monitoring
  • –40°C to 125°C Temperature Range
  • TSSOP28 Package 9.8 mm × 6.6 mm

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