TPS254900A-Q1 Automotive USB Host Charger With Short-to-VBATT Protection |

TPS254900A-Q1 (ACTIVE)

Automotive USB Host Charger With Short-to-VBATT Protection

Automotive USB Host Charger With Short-to-VBATT Protection - TPS254900A-Q1

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The TPS254900A-Q1 device is a USB charging-port controller and power switch with short-to-battery protection. This feature provides protection on OUT, DM_IN and DP_IN. These three pins withstand voltage up to 18 V.

The internal MOSFET turns off quickly when the short-to-battery condition occurs. Rapid turnoff is very important to protect the upstream DC-DC converter, processor, or hub data lines.

The TPS254900A-Q1 has a low UVLO of 3.5 V, so that the power switch does not turn off during start-stop.

The TPS254900A-Q1 45-mΩ power switch has two selectable, adjustable current limits that support port power management by changing to a lower current limit when adjacent ports are experiencing heavy loads. This is important in systems with multiple ports and upstream power supplies with limited capacity.

The TPS254900A-Q1 device has a current-sense output that is able to control an upstream supply, which allows it to maintain 5 V at the USB port even with heavy charging currents. This feature is important in systems with long USB cables where significant voltage drops can occur with fast-charging portable devices.

A current monitor allows a system to monitor the load current in real time by monitoring the IMON voltage. The current monitor is very useful and can be used for dynamic port-power management.

The TPS254900A-Q1 device also provides ESD protection capability per IEC 61000-4-2, level 4 on DP_IN and DM_IN.


  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to +125°C Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level H2
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C5
  • 4.5-V to 6.5-V Input Operating Range
  • 3.5-V (typ) UVLO to Support Start-Stop
  • Integrated 45-mΩ (typ.) High-Side MOSFET
  • 3.2-A Maximum Continuous Output Current
  • VBUS ±5% Cable Compensation Accuracy at Connector
  • Supports USB BC 1.2 CDP and SDP Modes
  • Short-to-Battery Protection on OUT, DP_IN, and DM_IN Pins
  • DP_IN and DM_IN IEC 61000-4-2 Rated
    • ±8-kV Contact and ±15-kV Air Discharge
  • 20-Pin QFN (3-mm × 4-mm) Package

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Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Number of Switches
Continuous Current (Max) (A)
Current Limit (A)
rDS(on) per FET (Typ) (mOhms)
Current Limit Accuracy @ 1A
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Fault Response
TPS254900A-Q1 TPS2549-Q1 TPS254900-Q1
4.5     4.5     4.5    
6.5     6.5     6.5    
1     1     1    
Active High     Active High     Active High    
3.2     3.2     3    
0.25 to 3.6     0.25 to 3.6     0.25 to 3.4    
45     47     45    
10%     10%     10%    
Automotive     Automotive     Automotive    
-40 to 85     -40 to 85     -40 to 85    
Retry     Retry     Retry    
20WQFN     16WQFN     20WQFN