1.2V - 8V, 3A PFET High Side Load Switch w/ Level Shift & Adj Slew Rate Control - TPS27081A


1.2V - 8V, 3A PFET High Side Load Switch w/ Level Shift & Adj Slew Rate Control


The TPS27081A IC is a high side load switch that integrates a Power PFET and a Control NFET in a tiny package.

The TPS27081A features industry-standard ESD protection on all pins providing better ESD compatibility with other on-board components.

The TPS27081A level shifts ON/OFF logic signal to VIN levels and supports as low as 1.0V CPU or MCU logic to control higher voltage power supplies without requiring an external level-shifter.

Switching a large value output capacitor CL through a fast ON/OFF logic signal may result in an excessive inrush current. To control the load inrush current, connect a resistor R2 as shown in . To further limit the inrush current add an external capacitor C1. To configure the TPS27081A to achieve a specific slew rate refer to the Application Information section.

A single pull-up resistor R1 is required in stand-by power switch applications that do not require inrush current control. In such applications connect the TPS27081A pin R2 to the system ground.


  • Low ON Resistance, High Current PFET
    • RON = 32mΩ at VGS = –4.5V
    • RON = 44mΩ at VGS = –3.0V
    • RON = 82mΩ at VGS = –1.8V
    • RON = 93mΩ at VGS = –1.5V
    • RON = 155mΩ at VGS = –1.2V
  • Adjustable Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Slew Rate Control Through External R1, R2, and C1
  • Supports a Wide Range of 1.2V up to 8V Supply Inputs
  • Integrated NMOS for PFET Control
  • NMOS ON/OFF Supports a Wide Range of 1.0V up to 8V Control Logic Interface
  • Full ESD Protection (All Pins)
    • HBM 2kV, CDM 500V
  • Ultra Low Leakage Current in Stand-by (Typ 100nA)
  • Available in Tiny 6-pin Package
    • 2.9mm x 2.8mm x 0.75mm Thin SOT-23 (DDC)

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Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Imax (A)
Ron @ 3.6V (Typ) (mOhm)
Shutdown Current (ISD) (Typ) (uA)
Special Features
Number of Channels (#)
Output Rise Time @ 3.6V (Typ) (us)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Approx. Price (US$)
Quiescent Current (Iq) (Max) (uA)
TPS27081A TPS27082L
1.2     1.2    
8     8    
3     3    
41     41    
0.05     0.15    
Adjustable Rise Time     Adjustable Rise Time    
1     1    
Adjustable     Adjustable    
Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 85     -40 to 125    
6SOT     6SOT    
0.11 | 1ku     0.13 | 1ku    
0.6     0.15    
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