Dual-Processor Supervisory Circuits with Power-Fail - TPS3306-15

TPS3306-15 (ACTIVE)

Dual-Processor Supervisory Circuits with Power-Fail



The TPS3306 family is a series of supervisory circuits designed for circuit initialization which require two supply voltages, primarily in DSP and processor-based systems.

The product spectrum of the TPS3306-xx is designed for monitoring two independent supply voltages of 3.3 V/1.5 V, 3.3 V/1.8 V, 3.3 V/2 V, 3.3 V/2.5 V, or 3.3 V/5 V.

The various supervisory circuits are designed to monitor the nominal supply voltage.

During power-on, RESET is asserted when the supply voltage VDD becomes higher than 1.1 V. Thereafter, the supervisory circuits monitor the SENSEn inputs and keep RESET active as long as SENSEn remains below the threshold voltage VIT.

An internal timer delays the return of the RESET output to the inactive state (high) to ensure proper system reset. The delay time, td(typ) = 100 ms, starts after SENSE1 and SENSE2 inputs have risen above the threshold voltage VIT. When the voltage at SENSE1 or SENSE2 input drops below the threshold voltage VIT, the output becomes active (low) again.

The integrated power-fail (PFI) comparator with separate open-drain (PFO) output can be used for low-battery detection, power-fail warning, or for monitoring a power supply other than the main supply.

The TPS3306-xx devices integrate a watchdog timer that is periodically triggered by a positive or negative transition of WDI. When the supervising system fails to retrigger the watchdog circuit within the time-out interval, tt(out) = 0.50 s, RESET becomes active for the time period td. This event also reinitializes the watchdog timer. Leaving WDI unconnected disables the watchdog.

The TPS3306-xx devices are available in either 8-pin MSOP or standard 8-pin SO packages, and are characterized for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


  • Dual Supervisory CircuitsWith Power-Fail for DSP and Processor-Based Systems
  • Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low-Battery Warning
  • Watchdog Timer With 0.8 Second Time-Out
  • Power-On Reset Generator With Integrated 100 ms Delay Time
  • Open-Drain Reset and Power-Fail Output
  • Supply Current of 15 µA (Typ.)
  • Supply Voltage Range: 7 V to 6 V
  • Defined RESET Output From VDD ≥ 1.1 V
  • MSOP-8 and SO-8 Packages
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Multivoltage DSPs and Processors
    • Portable Battery-Powered Equipment
    • Embedded Control Systems
    • Intelligent Instruments
    • Automotive Systems

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Other qualified versions of TPS3306-15

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Automotive TPS3306-15-Q1 Q100 devices qualified for high-reliability automotive applications targeting zero defects