Low Input, High-Efficiency Synchronous Buck Controller, TPS40007-DIE



The TPS40007-DIE is a controller for low-voltage, non-isolated synchronous buck regulators. This controller drives an N-channel MOSFET for the primary buck switch, and an N-channel MOSFET for the synchronous rectifier switch, thereby achieving very high-efficiency power conversion. In addition, the device controls the delays from main switch off to rectifier turn-on and from rectifier turn-off to main switch turn-on in such a way as to minimize diode losses (both conduction and recovery) in the synchronous rectifier with TI’s proprietary Predictive Gate Drive technology. The reduction in these losses is significant and increases efficiency. For a given converter power level, smaller FETs can be used, or heat sinking can be reduced or even eliminated.

The current-limit threshold is adjustable with a single resistor connected to the device. The TPS40007-DIE controller implements a closed-loop soft-start function.


  • Low Output Voltage
  • Predictive Gate Drive N-Channel MOSFET
    Drivers for Higher >Efficiency
  • Externally Adjustable Soft-Start and
    Overcurrent Limit
  • Frequency Voltage-Mode Control
  • Source/Sink With VOUT Prebias
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Internal Boostrap Diode

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