4.5V to 28V Input Voltage, Synchronous Buck LED Driver

4.5V to 28V Input Voltage, Synchronous Buck LED Driver - TPS54200


The TPS54200 and TPS54201 are 1.5-A synchronous buck WLED drivers with 28-V maximum input voltage. Current mode operation provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization.

By integrating the MOSFETs and employing the SOT23-6 package, TPS54200 and TPS54201 provide high-power density and only require a small footprint on the PCB.

The TPS54200 and TPS54201 implement analog dimming by changing the internal reference voltage proportional to the duty cycle of the PWM signal input in analog dimming mode. This device also supports PWM dimming mode, in which the internal reference voltage will be halved to 100 mV for higher efficiency.

Cycle-by-cycle current limit in high-side MOSFET protects the converter in an over-load condition and is enhanced by a low-side MOSFET freewheeling current limit which prevents current runaway. There is a low-side MOSFET sinking current limit to prevent excessive reverse current. For safety and protection the TPS54200 and TPS54201 include LED open and short protection, sense resistor open and short protection, and device thermal protection. TPS54200 implements shutdown-and-latch mode protection, while TPS54201 adopts hiccup mode protection.


  • 4.5-V to 28-V Wide Input Range
  • Integrated 150-mΩ and 70-mΩ MOSFETs for 1.5-A, Continuous Output Current
  • Low, 2-µA Shutdown Current
  • Fixed 600-kHz Frequency
  • Peak Current Mode with Internal Compensation
  • 200-mV and 100-mV Sense Voltage During Analog and PWM Dimming Mode
  • Precision Analog Dimming by PWM Input
  • LED Open and Short Protection
  • Sense Resistor Open and Short Protection
  • Shutdown-and-latch Mode Protection (TPS54200)
  • Hiccup Mode Protection (TPS54201)
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • SOT23-6 Package

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