Universal, compact LCD bias Power Supply with integrated VCOM Buffer

Universal, compact LCD bias Power Supply with integrated VCOM Buffer - TPS65150

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS65100  -  Same features as TPS65150 except there is a LDO for Vlogic


The TPS65150 device offers a very compact and small power supply solution that provides all three voltages required by thin film transistor (TFT) LCD displays. With an input voltage range of 1.8 V to 6 V the device is ideal for notebooks powered by a 2.5-V or 3.3-V input rail or monitor applications with a 5-V input voltage rail. Additionally the TPS65150 device provides an integrated high current buffer to provide the VCOM voltage for the TFT backplane.

Two regulated adjustable charge pump driver provide the positive V(VGH) and negative V(VGL) bias voltages for the TFT. The device incorporates adjustable power-on sequencing for V(VGL) as well as for V(VGH). This avoids any additional external components to implement application specific sequencing. The device has an integrated high-voltage switch to isolate V(VGH).

The same internal circuit can also be used to provide a gate shaping signal of V(VGH) for the LCD panel controlled by the signal applied to the CTRL input. For highest safety, the TPS65150 device has an integrated adjustable shutdown latch feature, which allows application-specific flexibility. The device monitors the outputs (V(VS), V(VGL), V(VGH)); and, as soon as one of the outputs falls below its power good threshold, the device enters shutdown latch, after its adjustable delay time has passed by.


  • 1.8-V to 6-V Input Voltage Range
  • Integrated VCOM Buffer
  • High-voltage Switch to Isolate V(VGH)
  • Gate-Voltage Shaping of V(VGH)
  • 2-A Internal MOSFET switch
  • Main Output V(VS) up to 15 V With <1% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Virtual-Synchronous Converter Technology
  • Regulated Negative Charge Pump Driver V(VGL)
  • Regulated Positive Charge Pump Driver V(CPI)
  • Adjustable Power-On Sequencing
  • Adjustable Fault Detection Timing
  • Gate Drive Signal for External Isolation MOSFET
  • Out-of-Regulation Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Available in HTSSOP-24 Package
  • Available in VQFN-24 Package

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IC Integration
Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Source Driver Voltage (Min) (V)
Source Driver Voltage (Max) (V)
Level Shifter/Scan Driver (Ch)
V_POS (Min) (V)
V_POS (Max) (V)
V_NEG (Min) (V)
V_NEG (Max) (V)
Special Function
TPS65150 TPS65100 TPS65120 TPS65149 TPS65640
LCD Unipolar    LCD Unipolar      LCD Unipolar    LCD Bipolar
LCD Unipolar   
LCD Bias
LCD Bias
LCD Bias    LCD Bias
LCD Level shifter
LCD Bias
1.8    2.7    2.5    3    -3.8   
6    5.8    5.5    6    2.5   
16VQFN    56VQFN    28WQFN   
  5    3    7    -8   
15    15    5.6    18    12.7   
0    0    0    8    0   
Adjustable Sequencing
VCOM/OpAmp    Output Discharge    I2C I/F
Level Shifter
Output Discharge
Reset Generator
Temperature Sensor/Compensation
Adjustable Sequencing
Output Discharge
Reset Generator
Temperature Sensor/Compensation
Boost    Boost
Inverting Buck-Boost   
Inverting Buck-Boost   
Boost    N/A   

Other qualified versions of TPS65150

Version Part Number Definition
Automotive TPS65150-Q1 Q100 devices qualified for high-reliability automotive applications targeting zero defects