Very Low Dropout Regulator With SoftStart and Powergood


The TPS7H1x01 is a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator that uses a PMOS pass element configuration. It operates under wide range of input voltage, from 1.5 V to 7V while offering excellent PSRR. The TPS7H1x01 features a precise and programmable fold back current limit implementation with a very wide adjustment range. To support complex power requirements of FPGAs, DSPs, or Microcontrollers the TPS7H1x01 provides enable on/off functionality, programmable SoftStart, current sharing capability, and a PowerGood open drain output. The TPS7H1x01 is available in a thermally enhanced16-pin ceramic flatpack package (CFP) and KGD (Bare Die) package.


  • Current Share/Parallel Operation to Provide Higher Output Current
  • Wide VIN Range: 1.5 V – 7 V
  • 5962R13202:
    • Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) up to TID 100 krad (Si)
    • Total Ionizing Dose 100 krad (Si)
    • ELDRS free 100 krad (Si)
    • Dose rate 10mRAD(si)/sec
    • Single Event Latchup (SEL) Immune to
      LET = 85MeV-cm2/mg
    • SEB and SEGR Immune to
      LET = 85MeV-cm2/mg
    • SET/SEFI Onset Threshold
      is = 40MeV-cm2/mg, See Radiation Report for details
    • SET/SEFI Cross-Section Plot, See Radiation Report for
  • Stable With Ceramic Output Capacitor
  • ±2.0 % Accuracy over Line, Load and Temperature
  • ±4.2 % Accuracy over Line, Load and Temperature
  • Programmable SoftStart
  • PowerGood Output
  • Low Dropout Voltage
    • TPS7H1201-HT
      100 mV (MAX) at 0.5 A (210°C) , VOUT = 6.8V
    • TPS7H1101-SP
      62 mV at 1 A (25°C), VOUT = 1. 8V
      125 mV at 2 A (25°C), VOUT = 1.8 V
      196 mV at 3 A (25°C), VOUT = 1.8 V
      210 mV at 3 A (25°C), VOUT = 1.3 V
      335 mV (MAX) at 3A (125°C) , VOUT = 1.3 V
  • Low Noise
    • TPS7H1201-HT
      20.26 µVRMS (VIN = 2.1 V, VOUT = 1.8 V at 0.5 A)
      31.0 µVRMS (VIN = 7 V, VOUT = 6.7 V at 0.5 A)
    • TPS7H1101-SP
      20.33 µVRMS (VIN = 2 V, VOUT = 1.8V at 3A)
      31.68 µVRMS (VIN = 7 V VOUT = 6.7V at 3A)
  • PSRR: Over 45 dB at 1 kHz
  • Load/Line Transient Response
  • Fold-Back Current Limit (TPS7H1101-SP)
  • 16-Pin Thermally Enhanced Ceramic Flatpack Package (HKS/HKR)
    and KGD (Bare Die) package

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-55 to 210    

Related end equipment

  • TPS7H1101-SP: Rad Tolerant Applications
  • RF 5-V Components VCOs, Receivers, ADCs, Amplifiers
  • Clock Distribution
  • Clean Analog Supply Requirements
  • Supports Harsh Environment Applications
  • TPS7H1201-HT Available in Extreme
    (–55°C to 210°C) Temperature Range
    TPS7H1101-SP Available in Military
    (–55°C to 125°C) Temperature Range(1)
  • TPS7H1201-HT: Texas Instruments’ high temperature products
    utilize highly optimized silicon (die) solutions with design and
    process enhancements to maximize performance over extended temperatures.
  • Engineering Evaluation (/EM) Samples are Available(2)

(1) Custom temperature ranges available
(2) These units are intended for engineering evaluation only. They are processed to a non-compliant flow (e.g. No Burn-In, etc.) and are tested to a temperature rating of 25°C only. These units are not suitable for qualification, production, radiation testing or flight use. Parts are not warranted for performance over the full MIL specified temperature range of –55°C to 125°C or operating life.

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    Min   Max   Range  
  Vin V    1.50 – 7.00V  
  Vout V    0.80 – 6.80V  
  Iout A    ≤ 0.5A  
  Ambient Temp °C    -55 – 210°C  
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