(ACTIVE) Universal Serial Bus General-Purpose Device Controller


Functional diagram


The TUSB3210 device is a USB-based controller targeted as a general-purpose MCU with GPIO. The TUSB3210 device has 8K × 8 RAM space for application development. In addition, the programmability of the TUSB3210 device makes it flexible enough to use for various other general USB I/O applications.


  • Multiproduct Support With One Code and One Chip (up to 16 Products With One Chip)
  • Fully Compliant With USB 2.0 Full-Speed Specifications: TID #40270269
  • Supports 12-Mbits/s USB Data Rate (Full Speed)
  • Supports USB Suspend, Resume, and Remote Wake-Up Operation
  • Integrated 8052 Microcontroller With:
    • 256 × 8 RAM for Internal Data
    • 8K × 8 RAM Code Space Available for Downloadable Firmware From Host or I2C Port
      • 8K × 8 RAM for Development
    • 512 × 8 Shared RAM Used for Data Buffers and Endpoint Descriptor Blocks (EDB)
      • Buffer Space for USB Packet Transactions
    • Four 8052 GPIO Ports: Port 0, 1, 2, and 3
    • Master I2C Controller for External Slave Device Access
    • Watchdog Timer
  • Operates From a 12-MHz Crystal
  • On-Chip PLL Generates 48 MHz
  • Supports a Total of Three Input and Three Output (Interrupt, Bulk) Endpoints
  • Power-Down Mode
  • 64-Pin LQFP Package

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USB Speed Full    
Number of Endpoints IN 3    
Number of Endpoints OUT 3    
Supply Voltage(s) (V) 3.3    
MCU Code Space (KBytes) 8    
GPIO Pins (#) 32    
Operating Temperature Range (C) 0 to 70    
Pin/Package 64LQFP    
Approx. Price (US$) 3.15 | 1ku    
Integrated MCU Architecture 8052    
Application Interface GPIO    
Rating Catalog    
Special Features Bulk Transfer^Control Transfer^DMA^Interrupt Transfer^Remote Wakeup    

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