Universal Serial Bus General-Purpose Device Controller - TUSB3210


Universal Serial Bus General-Purpose Device Controller

Recommended alternative parts

  • TUSB3410  -  The TUSB3410 is a full-speed peripheral with programmable USB-to-Serial Bridge
  • TUSB6250  -  TUSB6250 is a high-speed peripheral with Programmable USB-to-IDE Bridge
  • TUSB2136  -  TUSB2136 is a compound 2-port with general purpose 8052 MCU


The TUSB3210 is a USB-based controller targeted as a general-purpose MCU with GPIO. The TUSB3210 has 8K × 8 RAM space for application development. In addition, the programmability of the TUSB3210 makes it flexible enough to use for various other general USB I/O applications. Unique vendor identification and product identification (VID/PID) can be selected without the use of an external EEPROM. Using a 12-MHz crystal, the onboard oscillator generates the internal system clocks. The device can be programmed via an inter-IC (I2C) serial interface at power on from an EEPROM, or optionally, the application firmware can be downloaded from a host PC via USB. The popular 8052-based microprocessor allows several third-party standard tools to be used for application development. In addition, the vast amounts of application code available in the general market can also be used (this may or may not require some code modification due to hardware variations).


  • Multiproduct Support With One Code and One Chip (up to 16 Products With One Chip)
    • Fully Compliant With the USB Release 2.0 Full-Speed Specifications: TID #40270269
    • Supports 12 Mbits/s USB Data Rate (Full Speed)
    • Supports USB Suspend/Resume and Remote Wake-up Operation
    • Integrated 8052 Microcontroller With:
      • 256 × 8 RAM for Internal Data
      • 8K × 8 RAM Code Space Available for Downloadable Firmware From Host or I2C Port. (1)
      • 512 × 8 Shared RAM Used for Data Buffers and Endpoint Descriptor Blocks (EDB) (2)
      • Four 8052 GPIO Ports, Ports 0,1, 2, and 3
        • Master I2C Controller for External Slave Device Access
        • Watchdog Timer
    • Operates From a 12-MHz Crystal
    • On-Chip PLL Generates 48 MHz
    • Supports a Total of 3 Input and 3 Output (Interrupt, Bulk) Endpoints
    • Power-Down Mode
    • 64-Pin TQFP Package
    • Applications Include Keyboard, Bar Code Reader, Flash Memory Reader, General-Purpose Controller

(1) The TUSB3210 has 8K×8 RAM for development.
(2) This is the buffer space for USB packet transactions.

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