3.3-V Dual Channel USB3.1 GEN 1 Re-Driver, Equalizer

3.3-V Dual Channel USB3.1 GEN 1 Re-Driver, Equalizer - TUSB522P


The TUSB522P is a fourth generation, dual-channel, single-lane USB 3.1 GEN1 redriver and signal conditioner supporting 5 Gbps. The device offers low power consumption on a 3.3 V supply with its ultra-low-power architecture. The redriver also supports the USB 3.1 low power modes, which further reduces idle power consumption.

The dual-channel capability enables the system to maintain signal integrity on both transmit and receive data paths. The receiver equalization has three gain settings to overcome channel degradation from insertion loss and inter-symbol interference. These settings are controlled from the EQ pins. To compensate for transmission line losses, the output driver supports configuration of De-Emphasis with pins DE. Additionally, automatic LFPS De-Emphasis control allows for full USB 3.1 compliance. These settings allow optimal performance, increased signaling distance, and flexibility in placement of the TUSB522P in the
USB 3.1 GEN1 path.


  • USB3.1 GEN1 5 Gbps, Dual-Channel Re-Driver with 3.3-V Power Supply
  • Ultra-Low-Power Architecture
    • Active: 98 mA
    • U2, U3: 1.2 mA
    • Disconnect 265 µA
    • Shutdown 60 µA
  • Optimal Receiver Equalization
    • of 3, 6, 9 dB at 2.5 GHz
  • Output Driver De-emphasis of 0, 3.5, and 6 dB
  • Automatic LFPS De-Emphasis Control to Meet USB 3.1 Certification Requirements
  • No Host/Device-Side Requirement
  • Hot-Plug Capable
  • Industrial Temperature Range: –40ºC to 85ºC TUSB522PI
  • Commercial Temperature Range: 0ºC to 70ºC TUSB522P

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Device Type
Number of Channels (#)
VCC (Min) (V)
VCC (Max) (V)
Ron (Typ) (Ohms)
Input/Ouput Voltage (Min) (V)
Input/Ouput Voltage (Max) (V)
ICC (Max) (uA)
Bandwidth (MHz)
ESD HBM (Typ) (kV)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Package Group
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TUSB522P TUSB1002 TUSB501 TUSB501-Q1 TUSB551
Redriver    Redriver    Redriver    Redriver    Redriver   
2    2    1    1    1   
Dual-channel, Sigle-lane    Dual-channel, Dual-lane    Single-channel    Single-channel    Single-channel   
3    3    3    3    1.62   
3.6    3.6    3.6    3.6    1.98   
NA    NA    NA    NA    NA   
0.1    0    0.1    0.1    0   
1.2    1.7    1.2    1.2    1.2   
98mA    103mA    65mA    65mA    82mA   
2500    5000    2500    2500    2500   
  6    5    5    4   
Ultra low-power architecture    Ultra-low-power architecture    Aggressive Low-Power Architecture    Aggressive Low-Power Architecture    1.8V power Supply   
Catalog    Catalog    Catalog    Automotive    Catalog   
-40 to 85
0 to 70   
-40 to 85
0 to 70   
-40 to 85    -40 to 105    -40 to 85   
VQFN    VQFN    WSON    WSON    X2QFN   
24VQFN: 16 mm2: 4 x 4(VQFN)    24VQFN: 16 mm2: 4 x 4(VQFN)    See datasheet (WSON)    See datasheet (WSON)    12X2QFN: 3 mm2: 1.6 x 1.6(X2QFN)   
24VQFN    24VQFN    8WSON    8WSON    12X2QFN   

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