Wide Vin LLC Resonant Controller With High-Voltage Start Up Enabling Ultra-Low Standby Power - UCC256301

UCC256301 (ACTIVE)

Wide Vin LLC Resonant Controller With High-Voltage Start Up Enabling Ultra-Low Standby Power



The UCC256301 is a fully featured LLC controller with integrated high-voltage gate driver. It has been designed to pair with a PFC stage to provide a complete power system using a minimum of external components. The resulting power system is designed to meet the most stringent requirements for standby power without the need for a separate standby power converter, and with PFC stage running all the time. UCC256301 includes a range of features designed to make LLC converter operation well controlled and robust. This device aims to unburden the LLC designer and allow mainstream applications to benefit from efficiency advantages of the LLC topology.

UCC256301 uses hybrid hysteretic control to provide best in class line and load transient response. The control effort is approximately linear proportional to average input current in one cycle. The control makes the open loop transfer function a first order system so that it’s very easy to compensate. The system is always stable with proper frequency compensation.

UCC256301 provides a high efficient burst mode with consistent burst power level during each burst on cycle. The burst power level is programmable and adaptively changes with input voltage, making the optimization of efficiency very easy.


  • Hybrid Hysteretic Control (HHC)
    • Best-in-Class Transient Response
    • Easy Compensation Design
  • Optimized Low Power Features Enable 75 mW
    Standby Power Design with PFC on
    • Advanced Burst Mode
      Opto-Coupler Low Power Operation
    • Helps Enable Compliance to CoC Tier II Standard
  • Fast Exit from Burst Mode
  • Improved Capacitive Region Avoidance Scheme
  • Adaptive Dead-Time
  • Internal High-Side Gate Drivers
    (0.6-A and 1.2-A Capability)
  • Robust Soft Start with No Hard Switching
  • Over Temperature, Output Over Voltage, Input
    Over and Under Voltage Protection with
    Three Levels of Over Current Protections
  • Wide Operating Frequency Range
    (35 kHz to 1 MHz)
  • LLC Resonant Controller in SOIC16
    with High Voltage Clearance
  • Create a Custom Design Using the UCC256301 With the WEBENCH® Power Designer

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Control Method
Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Frequency (Max) (kHz)
Duty Cycle (Max) (%)
Gate Drive (Typ) (A)
Special Features
Operating Temperature Range (C)
UCC256301 UCC25600
Resonant LLC   
Resonant LLC   
Current    Voltage   
600    410   
1000    350   
50    50   
0.6    0.8   
HV Start-up
Light Load Efficiency
Low Power
Soft Start
Soft Switching
Thermal Shutdown   
Catalog    Catalog   
-40 to 125    -40 to 125   
14SOIC    8SOIC   

WEBENCH® Designer UCC256301

  Min   Max Range
Vin  V 30.0 to 500.0V
Vout  V 5 to 400V
Iout  A ≤ 100A
Ambient Temp  °C -40 to 125°C