High Power Flyback Controller with Primary-Side Regulation and Peak Power Mode - UCC28630


High Power Flyback Controller with Primary-Side Regulation and Peak Power Mode

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  • High Power Primary Side Regulation
  • High Efficiency
  • Light load efficiency
  • No load power consumption


The UCC2863x targets high-power, primary-side regulated flyback converters. The powerful gate driver and ability to operate in both CCM and DCM make the device suitable for applications with a wide power range. The peak power mode allows transient peak power delivery up to 200% of nominal rating, with only a 25% peak current increase, maximizing transformer utilization.

The transformer bias winding is used to sense output voltage for regulation, and for low-loss input voltage sensing. Advanced sampling and processing techniques allow CCM operation, and deliver excellent output voltage regulation performance for opto-coupler-less designs at power levels of 100 W and above.

A high-voltage current source enables fast and efficient start-up. Advanced light-load modes are deployed (including switching frequency modulation and device sleep modes) to reduce both controller and system power consumption at no load and light load. These modes enable potential system designs to meet 30-mW no-load power for power designs up to 30 W nominal, 60 W peak.

The device has been designed for ease-of-use and incorporates many features to enable a wide range of designs. Extensive protection features are included to simplify system design.


  • High-Power, Primary-Side Regulation for Output
    Voltage and Current, No Opto-Coupler Required
  • Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) and
    Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) Operation
  • Built-In 700-V Start-Up Current Source
  • Active X-Capacitor Discharge Function
    (UCC28630 and UCC28633)
  • Adjustable Constant-Current (CC) Mode Limiting
    (except for UCC28630)
  • High Gate Drive Current 1-A Source and 2-A Sink
  • Low Power Modes for <30-mW System Standby
  • Best-In-Class Light Load (10%) Efficiency >85%
    for 65-W Nominal Power Design
  • Peak-Power Mode for Transient Overload
  • Shutdown Pin Interface for External NTC
  • Protections: Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Over-
    Temperature, Overload Timer (UCC28630), AC
    Line UV, Brownout and Pin Protections
  • Frequency Dither to Ease EMI Compliance
    (except the UCC28632)

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Control Method
Duty Cycle (Max) (%)
Frequency (Max) (kHz)
UVLO Thresholds On/Off (V)
Regulated Outputs (#)
Special Features
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Approx. Price (US$)
UCC28630 LM5023 UCC28600 UCC28610 UCC28710
Flyback     Flyback     Flyback     Flyback     Flyback    
Current     Current     Current     Current     Current    
70       99       99    
120     130     130     130     100    
14.5/8       10.3/9.3     10.2/8     21/8    
  1     1     1     1    
  Green Mode
Light Load Efficiency    
Error Amplifier
Green Mode
Light Load Efficiency    
Soft Switching     Green Mode
HV Start-up
Input Line Monitor
Leading Edge Blanking
Light Load Efficiency
Low Power
Soft Start    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 105     -40 to 125     -40 to 125    
7SOIC     8VSSOP     8SOIC     8PDIP
0.60 | 1ku     0.38 | 1ku     0.40 | 1ku     0.40 | 1ku     0.42 | 1ku    

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