Single Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Protection IC W/Internal FET And Vov = 4.25V



The UCC3952 monolithic BiCMOS lithium-ion battery protection circuit increases the useful operating life of a one-cell rechargeable battery pack. Cell protection features include internally trimmed charge and discharge voltage limits, discharge current limit with a delayed shutdown, and an ultra-low-current sleep mode state when the cell is discharged. Additional features include an on-chip MOSFET for reduced external component count and a charge pump for reduced power losses while charging or discharging a low-cell-voltage battery pack. This protection circuit requires one external capacitor and can operate and safely shut down in a short circuit condition.


  • Protects Sensitive Lithium-Ion Cells From Overcharging and Over-Discharging
  • Dedicated for One-Cell Applications
  • Integrated Low-Impedance MOSFET Switch and Sense Resistor
  • Precision Trimmed Overcharge and Overdischarge Voltage Limits
  • Extremely Low Power Drain
  • 3-A Current Capacity
  • Overcurrent and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Charger Protection
  • Thermal Protection

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