Low Power 7 channel Relay Driver - ULN2003V12


Low Power 7 channel Relay Driver

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPL7407L  -  Better power efficiency, lower leakage and operating temperature range up to 125C


The ULN2003V12 is a low power upgrade of TI’s popular ULN2003 family of 7-channel Darlington transistor array. The ULN2003V12 sink driver features 7 low output impedance drivers that minimize on-chip power dissipation. When driving a typical 12V relay coil a ULN2003V12 will dissipate up to 12 times lower power than an equivalent ULN2003A. The ULN2003V12 driver is pin-to-pin compatible with ULN2003 family of devices in similar packages.

The ULN2003V12 supports 3.3V to 5V CMOS logic input interface thus making it compatible to a wide range of micro-controllers and other logic interfaces. The ULN2003V12 features an improved input interface that minimizes the input DC current drawn from the external drivers. The ULN2003V12 features an input RC snubber that greatly improves its performance in noisy operating conditions. The ULN2003V12 channel inputs feature an internal input pull-down resistor thus allowing input logic to be tri-stated. The ULN2003V12 also supports other logic input levels, e.g. TTL and 1.8V; see typical characteristics section for details.

As shown in the Functional Diagram, each output of the ULN2003V12 features an internal free-wheeling diode connected in a common-cathode configuration at the COM pin.

The ULN2003V12 provides flexibility of increasing current sink capability through combining several adjacent channels in parallel. Under typical conditions the ULN2003V12 can support up to 1.0A of load current when all 7-channels are connected in parallel.

The ULN2003V12 can also be used in a variety of other applications requiring a sink drivers. The ULN2003V12 is available in 16-pin SOIC and 16-pin TSSOP packages.


  • 7-Channel High Current Sink Drivers
  • Supports up to 20V Ouput Pull-up Voltage
  • Supports Wide Range of Low and High Voltage Relays and Inductive Coils
  • Low Output VOL of 0.6V (Typical) with
    • 100mA (Typical) Current Sink per Channel at 3.3V Logic Input(1)
    • 140mA (Typical) Current Sink per Channel at 5.0V Logic Input(1)
  • Compatible to 3.3V and 5.0V Micro-controllers and Logic Interface
  • Internal Free-wheeling Diodes for Inductive Kick-back Protection
  • Input Pull-down Resistors Allows Tri-stating the Input Driver
  • Input RC-Snubber to Eliminate Spurious Operation in Noisy Environment
  • Low Input and Output Leakage Currents
  • Easy to use Parallel Interface
  • ESD Protection Exceeds JESD 2
    • 2kV HBM, 500V CDM
  • Available in 16-pin SOIC and TSSOP Packages Total current sink may be limited by
    the internal junction temperature, absolute maximum current levels etc -
    refer to the Electrical Specifications section for details.

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