High Speed Buffer for CCD Sensor


The VSP1000 is a high-speed, low-noise, low-power, fast-settling, unity-gain buffer. It is specially designed for use between charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors and analog front-ends (AFEs). The device has an adjustable active load current that can load the CCD sensor output appropriately. The VSP1000 also features an adjustable output drive strength that can be set in accordance with the bandwidth requirements. At a 2-mA drive current, the device provides a bandwidth of 210 MHz, which allows for very low power operation with good performance. An ultra-small package of 1 mm × 1 mm and 0.35-mm height helps in saving printed circuit board (PCB) space and achieving a very low profile.

The VSP1000 is ideal for driving Texas Instruments AFEs for CCD sensors and, in general, any analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs. The adjustable load current allows for easy interfacing with a variety of CCD sensors from various manufacturers.


  • High Speed:
    • 210 MHz, 3-dB Bandwidth
  • Fast Settling Time
  • Adjustable Active Load Current
  • Adjustable Drive Strength
  • Low Power: 20 mW
  • Ultra-Small Package:
    • 1-mm × 1-mm Ultra-Thin 0.35-mm QFN

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