(ACTIVE) WiLink™ 8 industrial dual band combo, 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi module


The certified WiLink™ 8 module from TI offers high throughput and extended range along with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® coexistence (WL1837MOD only) in a power-optimized design. The WL18x7MOD is a Wi-Fi, dual-band, 2.4- and 5-GHz module solution with two antennas supporting Industrial temperature grade. The device is FCC, IC, ETSI/CE, and TELEC certified for AP (with DFS support) and client. TI offers drivers for high-level operating systems, such as Linux® and Android™. Additional drivers, such as WinCE and RTOS, which includes QNX, Nucleus, ThreadX, and FreeRTOS, are supported through third parties.


  • General
    • Integrates RF, Power Amplifiers (PAs), Clock, RF Switches, Filters, Passives, and Power Management
    • Quick Hardware Design With TI Module Collateral and Reference Designs
    • Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C Industrial Temperature Grade
    • Small Form Factor: 13.3 × 13.4 × 2 mm
    • 100-Pin MOC Package
    • FCC, IC, ETSI/CE, and TELEC Certified With PCB, Dipole, Chip, and PIFA Antennas
  • Wi-Fi®
    • WLAN Baseband Processor and RF Transceiver Support of IEEE Std 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
    • 20- and 40-MHz SISO and 20-MHz 2 × 2 MIMO at 2.4 GHz for High Throughput: 80 Mbps (TCP), 100 Mbps (UDP)
    • 2.4-GHz MRC Support for Extended Range and 5-GHz Diversity Capable
    • Fully Calibrated: Production Calibration Not Required
    • 4-Bit SDIO Host Interface Support
    • Wi-Fi Direct Concurrent Operation (Multichannel, Multirole)
  • Bluetooth® and Bluetooth low energy (WL1837MOD Only)
    • Bluetooth 4.2 Secure Connection Compliant and CSA2 Support (Declaration ID: D032800)
    • Host Controller Interface (HCI) Transport for Bluetooth Over UART
    • Dedicated Audio Processor Support of SBC Encoding + A2DP
    • Dual-Mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • TI’s Bluetooth- and Bluetooth Low Energy-Certified Stack
  • Key Benefits
    • Reduces Design Overhead
    • Differentiated Use Cases by Configuring WiLink™ 8 Simultaneously in Two Roles (STA and AP) to Connect Directly With Other Wi-Fi Devices on Different RF Channel (Wi-Fi Networks)
    • Best-in-Class Wi-Fi With High-Performance Audio and Video Streaming Reference Applications With Up to 1.4× the Range Versus One Antenna
    • Different Provisioning Methods for In-Home Devices Connectivity to Wi-Fi in One Step
    • Lowest Wi-Fi Power Consumption in Connected Idle (< 800 µA)
    • Configurable Wake on WLAN Filters to Only Wake Up the System
    • Wi-Fi-Bluetooth Single Antenna Coexistence

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Device Type Smart RF Transceiver^Module   
Supported Wi-Fi Band 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz   
Processor External MPU   
Integrated Bluetooth Controller No   
Features 802.11abgn^2x2 MIMO^ AP^ STA^ Wi-Fi Direct Mode^ Mesh over Wi-Fi based on 802.11s   
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 to 85   
Throughput (Max) (Mbps) 100   
Peripherals SDIO (Wi-Fi)   
Wi-Fi Idle Connect Current (mA) 0.8 (DTIM = 1)   
Wi-Fi TX Output Power (dBm) 17.3 (@ 1 DSSS)   
Wi-Fi RX Sensitivity (dBm) -96.3 (@ 1 DSSS)   
Package (mm) MOC (100 pin LGA Module)   
Rating Catalog   

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