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Current Product Information

TI part number Lead/ball finish MSL / reflow ratings Assembly site Package | pins Package body size (mm) Total device mass (mg) *
OPT3007YMFR Level-1-260C-UNLIM TI PHILIPPINES CLARK A/T YMF | 6 .896x.986x.203 0.400000

*Total device mass (mg)
The summary mass is a rounded value and will be within approximately +/- 10% of the detailed mass value.

Environmental Ratings Information

RoHS status REACH status Green status IEC 62474 DB

Component Information

  Homogeneous Material Level Component Level
Component Substance CAS Number Amount (mg) Percentage % ppm Percentage % ppm
Copper and Its Alloys Copper 7440-50-8 0.009000 57.692308 576923 2.077145 20771
Nickel and Its Alloys Nickel 7440-02-0 0.006000 38.461538 384615 1.384763 13848
Precious Metals Palladium 7440-05-3 0.000600 3.846154 38461 0.138476 1385
Sub-Total   0.015600 100 1000000 3.6004 36004
Semiconductor Device
Ceramics / Glass Doped Silicon 7440-21-3 0.417687 100.000000 1000000 96.399615 963996
Sub-Total   0.417687 100 1000000 96.3996 963996


  0.433287     100 1000000

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