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The best PLL for your solution

From performance demanding test instrumentation and RADAR to lowest power radio

Best phase noise

Industry’s highest performance integrated VCO with best PLL figure of merit (FOM)

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Low power

PLL solutions for battery powered applications

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Automotive qualified

Grade 1 qualified RF PLLs for automotive radar applications

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Cost optimized

Attain an excellent price-to-performance ratio for cost- and power-conscious systems

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Generate a wide range of frequencies from the same device

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Design tools

Quick and accurate simulation of RF PLL. Easily design loop filter for your system

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15-GHz wideband, low-noise RF synthesizer with phase sync and JESD204B support


9.8-GHz wideband synthesizer with high-performance integrated VCO


Low-power RF synthesizer with FSK modulation

Featured reference designs

Lowest noise 15-GHz PLL solution

Get better than 40-fs RMS jitter using our RF synthesizers

9.8-GHz signal generator using the LMX2592

Generate any frequency from 20 MHz to 9.8 GHz using the LMX2592

Low-power RF PLL-synthesizer operating from a single cell

3.3-VDC output from the buck-boost to power the LMX2571 from a battery

Technical resources

Learn about RF PLL design and browse technical resources.

Find RF PLL software and hardware tools to speed your design.

Refer to our featured RF applications and reference designs to speed system design.

Watch videos to learn about RF PLL design techniques.

Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in our TI E2E™ community.

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