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Application Specific Integrated Circuits

With Texas Instruments, you'll
find the technological solutions
you need to shape and redefine
your future. A relentless focus
on integration, power, speed
and reliability. And insightful, experienced support that helps
you navigate the challenges
of today, and position yourself
to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.


Texas Instruments Introduces Two New 130-nm Standard Cell ASIC Products for High Performance and Low Standby Power

Texas Instruments Expands DSP-Based TImeBuilder(TM) Portfolio Adding MystiCom's Digital Ethernet Physical Interface

Texas Instruments DSP-Based System-Level Integration Strategy Targets Needs of the Emerging Embedded Market

Texas Instruments Expands DSP-Based SLI TImeBuilder(TM) Portfolio With License of NEC's V850E Embedded Processor Architecture

MIPS Technologies, Inc. And TI Announce A Strategic Relationship