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Audio / Video / Imaging Symposium

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title



Motion Activated Video Surveillance Using TI DSP (153 KB)

Tsuhan Chen, Ching-Kai Huang

Carnegie Mellon University

Image Decompostion using the Wavelet Transform

Ed Delp, E. Asbun, Dan Hintz

Purdue University

An Integer Wavelet Transform, Implemented on a Parallel TI TMS320C40 Platform (158 KB)

Francis Decroos, Peter Schelkens, Gauthier Lafruit, Jan Cornelis, Francky Catthoor

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, IMEC, Katholieke Universiteit Lueven (Belguim)

Immersive Audio Rendering Algorithms Using the TI C62 EVM Board (302 KB)

Alexei Ossadtchi, Athanasios Mouchtaris & Chris Kyriakakis

University of Southern California

Efficient Implementation of Foveation Filtering (181 KB)

Sanghoon Lee, Alan C. Bovik & Brian L. Evans

The University of Texas at Austin

Detection of Noses and Faces in Consumer Images (103 KB)

Michael S. Richman & Thomas W. Parks

Cornell University

Programmable DSP Platform for Digital Still Cameras (41.0 KB)

Klaus Illgner, Hans-Georg Gruber, Pedro Gelabert, Jie Liang, Youngjun Yoo, Wissam Rabadi & Raj Talluri

Texas Instruments Inc.

Audio Decoding on the C54x (14.1 KB) and Presentation Overview (171 KB)

Alec Robinson, Chuck Lueck, Jon Rowlands

TI Personal Audion Business Group