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Digital Control Systems Symposium

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title



A DSP Based Servo Systerm Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) (141 KB)

Longya Xu, Minghua Fu & Li Zhen

The Ohio State University

Adaptive Control of Induction Motors with Unknown Load and Rotor Resistance (134 KB)

Farzad Pourboghrat & Issa Panahi

Southern Illinois University & Texas Instruments Inc.

A Low Cost Brushless Permanent Magnet (BPM) Motor Drive System Using TMS320F240 (76.7 KB)

S. P. Waikar, Hamid A. Toliyat & Julio C. Moreira

Texas A&M University & Whirlpool Company

Accurate Position Estimation in Switched Reluctance Motor With Prompt Starting (91 KB)

Debiprasad Panda & V. Ramanarayanan

Indian Institute of Science, India

The Effect of PDFs on the Line-to-Line Voltage (181 KB) and Noise Generated by PWM Inverters (134 KB)

Juan Carlos Balda & Khalid Ali Almarri

University of Arkansas

DSPs for Real-Time Sensing and Control of Automotive Systems (133 KB)

Fathi Salam, N. Xi, J. Yu & W. Zuluaga

Michigan State University

Real-Time Period Estimation for Predictive Maintenance (210 KB)

D. Darian Muresan & Thomas Parks

Cornell University

A Virtual DSP System for Design Instruction of Power Converters (158 KB) and Virtual Test Bed - Power Converters (382 KB)

A. Keyhani, M. N. Marwali & Gerald Baumgartner

The Ohio State University

A Master-Slave DSP Board for Digital Control (43 KB)

F. E. Rosa, A. R. S. Carrara, A. H. Souza

State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil