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Educator Track - P.M.

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title


An Online Digital Signal Processing Course for Practicing Engineers (14.7 KB)

David V. Anderson, Joel R. Jackson & Thomas P. Barnwell

Making DSP Fun for Students Using MATLAB and the C31 DSK (186 KB)

Cameron H. G. Wright, Thad B. Welch & Michael G. Morrow

A Supplemental Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Course Using MATLAB (75.7 KB)

Sanjit K. Mitra 

A Digital Control Laboratory Built around Texas Instruments' C3x DSK Evaluation Board (124 KB)

Daniel J. Block

A Fixed-Point DSP Lab Using the TMS320C541 (102 KB)

James Caffery, Jr., Tom Millikan & Jeremy Wilch

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Design Projects in an Undergraduate DSP Course and Laboratory (19.1 KB)

Mahmood Nahvi

Signals and Systems Design Laboratory (199 KB)

Mohammed A. Hasan

Combined Signal Processing and Wireless Communications Laboratory at ISU. (76.2 KB)

Julie Dickerson, Scott Koziol

Effective DSP Laboratory Course Design (72.3 KB) Douglas L. Jones
A laboratory set-up for the remote access to the TMS320C31 DSK (21.7 KB) Mounir Boukadoum