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Poster Session

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title



Random Pulse Width PWM Modulator for Inverter-fed Induction Motor Based on the TMS320F240 DSP Controller (62.8 KB)

Bin Huo & Andrzej M. Trzynadlowski

University of Nevada

Performance Evaluation of Digital Control Algorithms for a DC Motor System (232 KB)

Heng-Ming Tai

University of Tulsa

Feasibility Study to Include Fault Diagnosis as a Housekeeping Function for Motor Drives Application using the TMS320F240 (26.4 KB)

Tilak Gopalarathnam, Subhasis Nandi & Hamid A. Toliyat

Texas A&M University

A Novel Fuzzy Logic Based Sensorless Control System for Switched Reluctance Motors Using TI's TMS320F240 (311 KB)

Longya Xu & Jianrong Bu

The Ohio State University

Real Time Holter Monitoring of Biomedical Signals (118 KB)

Emil Jovanov, Pedro Gelabert, Reza Adhami, Bryan Wheelock & Robert Adams

The University of Alabama in Huntsville & Texas Instruments

Hyperspectral Biomedical Imager (74.8 KB)

Neeraj Magotra, Eric Wu

University of New Mexico/Kestrel Corporation

An Experimentally Optimized Real-Time Adaptive Noise Canceler/Self-Tuning Filter Implemented with a TMS320C30 DSP (10.6 KB)

A. O. Richardson & G. Nugent

California State University, Chico

TMS320C67-Based Design Of A Digital Audio Power Amplifier Introducing Novel Feedback Strategy (663 KB)

Erik Bresch & Wayne T. Padgett

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Digital Demodulation of a Fractional Fringe Interferometer (418 KB) and Abstract (82.7 KB)

Christopher A. Belk & Tristan J. Tayag

Texas Christian University

DISK: A Distributed Java Virtual Machine for DSP Architectures (53.1 KB)

Mihai Surdeanu

Southern Methodist University

An Implementation of a Visual Object-Oriented Language for DSP Programming

Antonio Heronaldo de Sousa, Elnatan Chagas Ferreira

UDESC - Joinville, Brazil

PID Controller Using the TMS320C31 DSK for Real-Time DC Motor Speed and Position Control (115 KB)

Jianxin Tang & Rulph Chassaing

Alfred University & University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Curricula Development for Parallel Architectures and DSP and Teaching Activity in Advanced Studies (MSc) in Communications Department of Technical University Cluj-Napoca (Romania) (17.3 KB)

Radu Arsinte, Eugen Lupu

Technical University Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Making DSP Fun for Students Using MATLAB and the C31 DSK (186 KB)

Cameron H. G. Wright, Thad B. Welch & Michael G. Morrow

U.S. Air Force Academy & U.S. Naval Academy

Facial Motion Estimation with the TMS320C62xx Family (72.8 KB)

Francisco Barat Quesada, Patricia M. Burgess & Rudy Lauwereins

KU Lueven, Belgium & Texas Instruments Inc.

A Smart Camera Application: DSP-based Human Detection and Tracking (1.92 MB)

V. Cheng & N. Kehtarnavaz

Texas A&M University

Performance of Wavelet Based Compression in TI TMS320C6201 DSP (93.5 KB)

V. Kustov, P. Srinivasan, S. Mitra & D. Mehrl

Texas Tech University

Software-Only Real-time MPEG-2 Video Encoding on The C62x VLIW Processor (98.9 KB)

H. Lee, K. Nguyen-Phi, H. M. Alnuweiri & F. Kossentini

University of British Columbia

A DSP-Based Performance Monitor for Induction Motors (40.3 KB)

Cristian Lascu & Andrzej M. Trzynadlowski

University of Nevada

An Online Digital Signal Processing Course for Practicing Engineers (14.7 KB)

David Anderson

Georgia Institute of Technology