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DSP Fest 2000DSPS Fest 2000, the DSP Technology and Education Conference, is an annual meeting sponsored by Texas Instruments, attended by DSP Educators, Third Party developers and valued customers who have an interest or expertise in Texas Instruments DSP and Analog. The conference is designed to:

Provide Third Parties a forum to demonstrate their products, present new technologies, learn about Texas Instruments and Texas Instruments-based DSP products, build relationships with educators, customers and Texas Instruments field and factory personnel and learn more about the opportunities available through the Texas Instruments Third Party Program.

Provide DSP Educators a forum to present their research, learn about new and innovative methods for teaching DSP technology, build relationships with third party developers, valued customers and Texas Instruments technologists while finding out about the opportunities available through the Texas Instruments DSP University Program.

Provide Customers with a forum to gain insight into Texas Instruments roadmap plans and future direction, learn about Texas Instruments products during hands-on workshops and product update sessions and influence future products through discussions with the product design teams.

Conference Highlights:

  • Application Symposiums
  • Technology Previews
  • Hands-on Product Workshops
  • Product and Technology Updates and Roadmaps
  • Marketing Seminars
  • Teaching Workshops
  • Third Party Product and Technology Exposition

For questions regarding DSPS Fest 2000, please email us at DSPSFest@ti.com.