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DSP Fest is an annual meeting sponsored by Texas Instruments which is attended by TMS320 Educators, Third Parties and invited customers who have an interest or expertise in Texas Instruments DSP solutions.

The conference is designed to:

Provide DSP Educators a forum to present their research, learn about Texas Instruments DSP products, discuss new and innovative methods for teaching DSP technology, and learn about the opportunities available through the Texas Instruments University Program.

Provide Third Parties a forum to demonstrate their products, present new technologies, learn about Texas Instruments-based DSP products, build relationships with educators, customers and Texas Instruments personnel and learn more about the opportunities available through the Texas Instruments Third Party Program.

Provide Customers with a forum for gaining insight into Texas Instruments roadmaps, influencing future products, and learning about TI products during hands-on workshops and update sessions.

Conference Highlights:

  • Application Symposiums
  • Hands-on Product Workshops
  • Product Updates
  • Interactive discussions with the Product Design Teams Members
  • Third Party Product Expo